My Newly Organized Closet

organized closetIdeally, there would  be a video accompanying this post. But the lighting isn’t the best in my closet. And I’m presently under the weather, so images are the best way to go.

Since the creation of my writing space, I’ve had the pleasure of luxuriating in my own little corner. This area of my home gives me the  much-needed peace and organization to create.

I’ve decided that that needs to spread throughout the remainder of my home. My family is a little…unorganized. And I believe that I have been touched with a bout of hoarding. Yes, I keep….stuff.

This summer is the season that I’ll  (hopefully with the help of my family) purge all unnecessary items from our home and create a more peaceful atmosphere.

First up…….my master closet! I’ve made several attempts over the years to clean and maintain an orderly closet. But because it’s so large, throwing things in there and forgetting about them has been easy.

I’m happy to say that I finally decorated it in a way that will allow me to keep it clean. Check out my pictures below…..

organized closet

organized closet

organized closet

The only thing left to do is order a bulk set of black uniform hangers to make it look even more neat. All  of the organizational items shown were purchased from Wal-MartMichael’s and Joann Fabrics for pennies on the dollar. I give myself an A for this design project. Up next in my summer clean up is my home office. Wish me luck!

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One of Those Days

unmotivatedThis day has been difficult. I haven’t accomplished much. It’s been a challenge for me to even get out of bed.

I don’t know if it’s the summer heat or lack of sleep, but I’ve been incredibly lethargic lately.

And the fact that I currently unable to load a needed image to my blog doesn’t help matters. So, I won’t post what my editorial calendar says I should post today.

I’ll just write this sappy post and  hope that your day is turning out better than mine. Until next time…..


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All White Tea Party

tea partyIced tea is a staple in South Carolina. As is rice, Coca-Cola and fried chicken. You would think, being a Carolina girl, that I have had my share of iced tea. Honestly, I’m  not a tea drinker at all.

I tried to drink it once when I attended  a wedding. I couldn’t stomach it. Then there was that time when I had a really, really sore throat. I  made an attempt to finish a glass. I barely got started.  Yeah, it’s safe to say that I don’t like tea.

So how is it, you may ask, that I ended up at an all white ladies’ tea party?  Well, I never turn down any opportunity to dress up and be fancy. So I put on my white attire, threw on my big hat and readied myself for an afternoon of fancy tea drinking.


It was a great experience. The women were wonderfully welcoming and I thrilled to have made such connections. We participated in a parade of hats and I surely strut my stuff to the music and showed off my big church hat.  I was even able to take a few sips of various teas before my stomach began to turn.

Yes, the afternoon was wonderful. I look forward to attending my next tea party. But I’ll certainly take a few cans of Coca-Cola with me just in case.

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Pray For Charleston

charlestonWith the recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, my blog seems very small and irrelevant.  It seems pointless to  post about summer accessories, Father’s Day, my latest shopping spree…or whatever it is that I was scheduled to write about today.

On my blog, I try to write entertaining  posts that will uplift people. I tell about my family, my ever growing relationship with God, my writing career.

But I seldom write about my frustrations with life, my hatred for American politics, my disappointment in the treatment of disadvantaged people and my grievance with the evils of the world.

I’m reminded of a quote by former NBA great, Alonzo Mourning. He said, “We can’t save the world. But we can all do our part.” 

I don’t exactly know what my “part” is. But every day I strive to rear productive, kind, intelligent thinking children. And I hope that my writing can in some way inspire at least one person to be better than they are. I’m praying for Charleston. I hope you are too.

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5 Destinations I’d Like to Visit

travel by planeActually, I’m not big on travel. Staying at home in my pajamas flipping channels with nothing on my to-do list is an ideal vacation for me. .

But  if want my children to expand their world view  I probably need to shed these pajamas and step out of my bubble.

Here is a list of places I want to go.

1) Hawaii . I am absolutely in love with the beach. Sitting beside the ocean watching waves move along the shore is like Heaven to me. I know there are other places in the world that have beautiful beaches, but Hawaii is my first choice.

2) London I want to rid a double decker bus. I want to see Big Ben in person. I want to stand at the gates of Windsor Castle and wave at Princess Kate. And, of course, visiting my favorite beauty vlogger Shirley B Eniang would be awesome too.

3) South Africa There are many places on the continent of Africa that I’d like to visit. But I’d love to see the place that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. That would be life changing for me.

4)Paris ….because it’s Paris!

5) Nigeria I’m a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to travel to some of these places soon. What are your choice destinations? Let me know in the comments below.

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39 And Fine Birthday Luncheon

Birthday celebrationThere probably hasn’t been a better birthday celebration. For me that’s saying a lot.

I always celebrate my birthday big. But this year I outdid myself.

It took a bit of planning, but my “39 and Fine” ladies only birthday luncheon turned out perfectly.

I assembled 20 fabulous women. We celebrated the afternoon by eating, drinking (Coca Cola), and celebrating our friendship.

Everyone had a beautiful time. I am so grateful for their company.Now, I need to get started planning my “Fantastic Fortieth” birthday celebration.

Krystal Grant

Birthday Cupcakes

birthday luncheon

Krystal Grant

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She Didn’t Have To Die

heavenOn this 4 year anniversary of my mother’s untimely death,  a question has arisen that I’ve never pondered before. “Why didn’t she get a kidney transplant?”

Now I am not 100% sure of all the sordid details of her kidney disease because it was seldom discussed, even when she was alive.

And I realize there are approximately 100,000 people waiting on a healthy kidney. But after 4 years of dialysis I am sure her name could have gone on the transplant list.

I faintly remember one instance when my mother briefly discussed her disease. She said something to the effect of “I don’t want to burden my family with the thought of donating a kidney.”

But what if she had “burdened” us? What if she had given us the opportunity to decide if we wanted to donate?

One day, I will build up enough strength to go through her medical records. My dad showed it to us once. It was a massive brown folder held together with numerous rubber bands pulled taut to secure the paperwork  inside.

None of us looks at it. None of us even touched it. It didn’t matter why she died. She was already gone from us.

But now, after gaining some distance from the tragedy of her death, and moving into a new phase of grief, my interest is piqued. I want to look at her medical records. I want to know exactly what was wrong with her because it is my fear that…..she didn’t have to die.

Maybe a kidney transplant would have sustained her life. And if that is the case, how even more tragic would her death be? Yes. It is my fear that she certainly did not have to die.

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Learning to Paint

art classesAt the start of 2015 I made a conscious decision to talk less and do more.

I began taking sewing classes, published my third book, created a beautiful writing space in my home, and planned a 40th birthday bash for Mr. Incredible.

I’m choosing life.

A few months ago I purchased an art canvas, paintbrushes, and a palette. I wanted to create a masterpiece. But I had no idea what to create. So, I tucked my art supplies in the corner of my writing space and went on with living.


Recently, I had an opportunity to take an art class at a local gallery. It  excited me to see my end result.  I mixed colors and carefully stroked my brush over the canvas. After half an hour, my masterpiece was complete.

art class 2

Now, I can pull my art supplies from the corner and continue adding to my collection. I’m turning into a contemporary Ernie Barnes!

art classes 3


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Mi Familia

Kenely GirlsGrowing up in a family of 5 girls is exciting. You always have someone to bounce ideas off of, share secrets with, steal clothing and jewelry from, and of course, fight with.

Most importantly, you have people around  you who serve as your biggest cheerleaders. My sisters are my role models. They have always been my “go to girls” to give me an extra push when I have a larger than life idea.

It was my sisters who first taught me that the world is a huge place and you have to carve out your space in it. They made me believe I can do anything.

Recently, my sisters and I were interviewed for a new documentary entitled “Kingdom Conversations“. In this video, we share our thoughts on being a part of a large family and what our parents mean to us. I’m so thankful we had an opportunity. Thanks so much to Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina for filming us.

Click here to view this awesome interview.


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A Simple Prayer

a prayerDear Lord,

I pray that you help me learn how to enjoy each moment. Help me, Lord, to find the good in all things.

Make my appreciation for life grow. Change my attitude, God. Mold me into something greater.

I pray for patience, understanding, wisdom. I want more of you, God. More of you.

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