April Wishes

genieIn 2015 I’ve done a pretty good job of setting goals and working to make them happen. I usually keep a running list of things I want  tucked in the back of my brain.

This list isn’t exactly that. This list is more akin to “I want to win the lotto”…. a think you dream about, but you know there’s hardly a chance in hell that it will come true any time soon.

I’m sharing them with you because there’s a slither of a chance that if I put my desires in the atmosphere, they will manifest. So here you go…..

1) I want to have lunch with Nikki Giovanni. And not a fancy, expensive lunch…I just want to sit with her in a booth eating juicy burgers and salty fries. We would probably laugh as she spews a string of foul words, compare tattoos and talk about Tupac.

2) I want to have a body like Misty Copeland because….damn. Have you seen her? Alas, I eat too many bags of  peanut M&M’s to have a body anywhere close to Misty Copeland’s body.

3) I want to have a regular column in an online magazine. I’m no journalist, but I am a writer. And while becoming a published author continues to give me chills up and down my spine. I want to be able to reach a wider group of people on a more regular basis than my books will allow. But I have no interest in writing about pop culture, finances or politics. I don’t watch enough TV,  listen to enough current music, or balance my bank account well enough for any for that.

4) I want to go to New York City because it’s the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of...” And I have dreams, BIG DREAMS!

I’m going to start digging in my back yard in hopes of finding a magic lamp to rub. I’ll let you know when I find it!

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Brooklyn, My Third Novel

Brooklyn by Krystal GrantSomewhere around 11 or 12 years of age I realized I wanted to be a writer. I guess it was seventh grade.

I can’t remember what prompted me to make that decision…but it probably had something to do with Nikki Giovanni. Now, nearly thirty years later I’m living my dream because tomorrow my third novel will be released.

This makes me incredibly happy. No, not happy. Joyful. It fills me with joy. Have you ever sat on the beach right at daybreak and watched the sun rise?

It’s truly one of the most breathtaking sights I’ve even seen. It soothes my spirit.

This is what becoming a published author has done for me…soothed my spirit, taken my breath away.

I hope you find as much pleasure in reading this book that I’ve had in writing it. Let me know what you think. Click here for more information on Brooklyn. And click here or here for my other books.

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Feeling Uninspired?

photo credit: verbalplusvisual.com

photo credit: verbalplusvisual.com

When I’m unhappy I don’t put forth my best effort.  If I cannot fully utilize my creativity on things I’m passionate about then I become complacent and irritable.

I find it difficult to be fully engaged when I am bored.  This is a frustrating situation because for the past three years I have felt stuck and uninspired.

My typical work day leaves me feeling empty. Then I come home, sit in my writing space and let my creative juices flow.  I can belt out 300 words in a matter of minutes.

So, the key is to take your inspiration with you. Do not allow life to stifle your creativity. Be driven by your passion and let that drive overshadow any feelings of uselessness or boredom you may feel.

Cheers to a passion filled day!

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Manuscript: Submitted

manuscriptThe manuscript has been submitted. I felt like a boulder lifted from my shoulders when I finally hit the send button. Relief, excitement and anxiety all crowd my spirit as I await an email from my publisher.

This will be my third release in just as many years. And even though I haven’t gotten an official drop date for Brooklyn, I already have my next book in the queue.

Someone told me recently  “Once you set your mind to become a published author you didn’t look back.”  And it’s true. The ferocity that I write with makes it an easy task to publish a story every year. That’s what I aim to do.

And it’s not that I’m haphazardly writing crap just to line my shelves with my books. No. Just like many writers, I have multiple people living inside my imagination and multiple stories swimming around my head that haven’t been told. So, when I sit down to write…they just pour out of me.

This is certainly a hazard of being an author…. more stories to tell than you have time to write.

As soon as I get a release date for Brooklyn I will share it with all of you. Until then, click here or here to purchase my previous releases. Drop me an email to let me know what you think. Happy reading!

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Learning To Sew: A Lesson in Design

IMG_3342It’s been a month or so since I’ve taking a sewing class. Sadly, my new machine hasn’t gotten much use.

I had hoped  to sign up for a few more classes before I ventured into the world of fashion design. But instead of operating in fear, I decided to jump right in and create my very own dress from start to finish.

I carefully drew out an intricate sketch and created the pattern. With the leftover scraps of fabric from my pajama pants I cut out the pattern and pinned  it together.

My machine worked like magic as I cautiously sewed the seams. I felt like a pro. After a few minutes my one of a kind design was complete.

I fit the model and was pleased that the garment layed on her perfectly. This is only the prototype. Be on the lookout for my spring collection, “Designs By KG”.

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The Odds Are Against Me

revisionsThere has been a slew of obstacles standing in the way of me submitting this manuscript.  Over the past few weeks, my schedule has been ridiculous.

I don’t think I’ve had a moment’s rest.  And if I did find a second or two where nothing was planned, I was too exhausted to even think about revisions.

Last week I decided to clear my upcoming weekend.  Nothing was going to stop me from revising the manuscript and sending it off to my publisher.

Alas, Friday evening arrived and along with it came a terrible bout of nausea, vomiting and extreme dizziness.  I was incapacitated; unable to do anything sans sit immobile with my eyes closed.

I dare not lie down. If I did my brain would immediately start rolling around in my skull- causing even worse vertigo.  My symptoms lasted the entire weekend.

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon when I received the proper diagnosis from my doctor: Ear infection with lots of fluid behind both ears. Equipt with a prednisone pack, antibiotics and nausea medication I am on the mend.

Now, let’s see if I can make a dent in this manuscript.

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On Being Perfected

IMG_2652Humbly submitting yourself to God’s plan can be difficult…if you’re stubborn.

And yes, I am stubborn. But it’s becoming clearer to me each day that:

1)I’m not right about everything

2)My way isn’t necessarily the best way

3)My perspective isn’t always accurate

4) Sometimes I’m wrong. Dead wrong.

The Bible says in Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”

So, even though my spirit is in a bit of turmoil, I’m thankful that I am being perfected. I choose to lean on God’s word and rest in his eternal love.

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Writing, My Saving Grace

IMG_2763-aJournals are my weakness. I cannot see one in a store without bringing it home with me.

So when I was shopping in Barnes and Noble recently I nearly had a fit when I passed these two wonderful books with the word “WRITE” written on them.

In my new writing space, I have two small dry erase boards that display the exact same sentiment as these journals.

It serves as a constant reminder to myself that writing is my saving grace. It’s what keeps me sane. It’s my gift from God. It gives me joy.


Marshalls stores also have an awesome array of journals. They have books with cloth covers, wire bindings and quotes from notable writers There are so many designs from which to choose. I get excited just looking through the collection.

Journals make a great birthday, graduation and special occasion gifts for your friends and family members. I’ve made a habit of keeping a few around the house just to use as last minute gift ideas if I’m pressed for time.

And because I write in journals so often, it’s nice to pull out my old journals and reminisce. Journals help me to remain thankful that I’ve been able to grow and develop from tough times. They also help me remember the great times that I’ve shared with my loved ones.

Journaling is a great past time. Through journaling, I am able to channel my creativity and organize my thoughts. Do you use a journal? What helps you pass the time?

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Learning To Sew: A Lesson in DIY

Singer sewing machineAfter completing two sewing classes, I wouldn’t say that I’m a pro. But I know enough to successfully make a pillowcase and a pair of pajama pants. I  enjoyed learning the basics and I’m looking forward to taking more classes at Joann Fabric.

Until then I’ll have fun practicing on my new sewing machine!!!!! Isn’t it precious? Mr. Incredible gifted me with it for Valentine’s Day. I was nearly in tears when I saw it sitting in my writing space. I’ve wanted my own machine for a few months and threw a few not-so-subtle hints his way.

Dr. Seuss fabric

I haven’t opened the box yet because I’m still deciding where to decorate my sewing space. But I did take the opportunity to purchase some new fabric and a pattern. I’m sure I can pull off making an apron without the help of an instructor. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, click here or here for my other posts on sewing.

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Writing vs Editing: A Dilemma

editingWriting brings me joy…such exhilaration. I get excited when I create a character and begin to mold his story.

Sometimes, the words spill onto the page with great force. Other times, getting words out is like squeezing an empty toothpaste container…I get nothing. No matter how easy or hard it is to get my story out I find it exciting.

I’m most happy when I’m writing. But after the story is finished there’s a terrible, awful things that awaits me…….THE EDITING!

I hate it so much. I do. Why must we revise our work? Why can’t it just be accepted as it- with all the grammar mistakes and inconsistencies left on the page. I’m sure the reader, a true reader, will understand….right?

I wonder what JK Rowling’s unedited work looks like. I bet it’s beautiful. And Toni Morrison’s!!?? Man, I bet the first draft of anything she has written is just as wondrous as the final copy.

Alas, I’m no JK Rowling or Toni Morrison. So, if their work must be edited, so must mine. Wish me luck folks, I’m going in for the kill….

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