Just Like Dr. Seuss

IMG_0702-aRecently, I had an opportunity to speak to a group of students during their Career Day celebration. Since the students were so young, I had to alter my normal speech just a bit.

We discussed the tools that people in various positions use such as nurses, policemen,  and builders. I then told them about the things that writers use i.e. paper, pencils, computers.

They all passed my books around staring at my name on the front cover. When I explained to them that I wrote ALL the words inside the book a sweet little girl shouted “HEY! YOU’RE JUST LIKE DR. SEUSS!” And that just made my day!

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The Perfect Breakfast

krusteaz waffle mixSaturday mornings have new meaning in my home. I’ve begun to wake up just a little bit earlier than normal now that I have this beautiful new appliance.

My waffle maker is magical! Well, maybe not magical but it certainly has brought a new level of joy into my family’s lives.

Since purchasing it our weekends are a tad bit more festive. We all lazily sit around out kitchen table enjoying the fluffiest waffles we’ve ever tasted.

Eating  hot, delicious waffles with my family brings me the greatest joy. My children thank me repeatedly after consuming waffles that I made with my waffle maker.

I’m a simple girl. And I like simple things.

I get such satisfaction out of seeing them clean their plates and beg for more. It’s such a welcomed change from the normal cold milk and cereal they often consume.

On chilly, autumn mornings, hot waffles are the perfect breakfast for my family. What is your idea of the prefect breakfast?

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My Quest for Healthy Hair

Krystal Grant uses hairfinity vitaminsRegardless of the length of your hair, whether it be long and flowing or a short cropped cut, it should be healthy. And no matter the state of your tresses, natural, relaxed, curly, straight, or kinky, you should have a hair care regimen that benefits your scalp.

Admittedly, I’m a little obsessed with my hair – always have been. I spend more time, energy, and money on my hair than I care to mention. The inside of my bathroom cabinets would lead you to believe that I’m a licensed cosmetologist. My facebook friends are all aware of my zeal for hair care because I regularly post about my trials and tribulations in a salon chair. And because my ‘do’ is always together, people often ask if I work in the beauty industry.

Currently, I’m wearing a very, short pixie cut. My hair is no longer that one inch in length. I shampoo, relax, and color my hair myself. But even though I spend an exorbitant amount of time caring for my hair, it is not in a healthy state. My hair and scalp are very, very dry. My hair is also brittle and is showing more and more signs of thinning.

My overuse of products is certainly one reason for the breakage but I want to correct any damage that I’ve caused. Recently, following the advice of a stylist, I purchased Hairfinity Hair Vitamins.

I’ve heard a lot about Hairfinity over the years. Various celebrities have touted the good works of the product and the company has an excellent handle on social media. So after seeing their posts on Instagram and Twitter I decided to give it a try. Hopefully, after a few weeks I’ll begin to notice thicker, healthier hair. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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My Favorite Accessory



Accessories add so much flare to an outfit. They can change your total look. One of my favorite accessories, especially in cooler weather, is a scarf. I have acquired nice little collection of colorful scarves in my closet. But  I’ve gotten a little obsessed as of late. I think I’ve purchased four scarves in the past month!

Not only are scarves fashionable but they are functional. While the temperatures certainly get frigid in the south during the winter months, I can’t stand wearing coats. They are just too cumbersome for me. A scarf, paired with a great knit hat, does a fantastic job of keeping me warm.

Lately, I’ve been purchasing my scarves from JCPenney. It seems that JCPenney always has awesome deals on accessories.Recently, I found a few Pashmina scarves in the store for under $10.00!

And of course, when I’m rocking a fabulous scarf, I HAVE to take a selfie! Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I display more of my love for scarves.

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Marvel Universe Live! Atlanta

ML281525-AtlantaDuluth-WebKit-300x250Web slinging is a common occurrence   in my home. No, I don’t live with Spiderman, but I have two boys who are obsessed with the wall crawler.

So, when we were at Philips Arena last year and saw an advertisement for Marvel Universe Live! Tour  they both jumped with excitement.

The time is finally here for the Marvel characters to descend upon Atlanta with their spectacular show. Not only will Spiderman sling his web for the audience, but Wolverine, Iron Man, the Hulk and a host of other super heroes will wow us with their abilities as they fight against villains.

There will be two sets of shows for the Atlanta area. Marvel Universe Live! will be at Philips Arena from December 20-22 and The Arena at Gwinnett from December 26-28.

Click here for ticket information.

I hope to see you there. Just look for me down front with two very, very excited little boys!

This is a sponsored post. Complimentary tickets were provided.

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The Alchemist, A Review

The Alchemist CoverTavis Smiley’s conversation with Will Smith intrigued me. The interview occurred nearly seven years ago. And I’m not sure how I happened upon the video, but I’m glad I did.

Then there was Oprah. She aired previews of an upcoming Super Soul Sunday show. I didn’t watch the particular episode. But I figured if Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey (two wildly successful people) can rave about the incredible impact a particular thing has had on them, then it must be worth my time.

So, on my one of my regular trips to Barnes and Noble I decide to pick up the book that these two celebrities are enthralled with. I began reading it. I made it to page 67 and had to stop and take a breath. Was I missing something?

I consider myself a freaking genius  marginally intelligent being. And I’m obsessed with books. So I knew that this book that has been translated into 56 languages and has sold more than 65 million copies should be something great. But I wasn’t taken by it.

After a few weeks, I forced myself to go back to the book and finish it. I was reluctant, but I made it through page after page. It became more interesting, but I was still unable to get a grip on the exact direction of the story.

And then it happened. I came to the very last paragraph on the very last page. And I got it. I GOT IT! Literally, as I read the last word that Paulo Coelho wrote I said “Wow”. Then a smile came over my face as I thought about the story. I laughed and became incredibly inspired.

It is an awesome book and well worth the read. I love it. The Alchemist is such an intriguing story about a shepherd and his quest for something greater. It’s truly inspiring and well worth the read. The life lessons that the reader is exposed to are spectacular.

Have you read The Alchemist? What are your thoughts.

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The Disciplined Writer

freelance vs professional writerDiscipline. I’m positive it takes discipline to acquire any level of success. And in regards to a successful writing career, discipline is a must.

Admittedly, I’m lacking in that area. I have never been a disciplined writer. I’ve always been a more emotional one…you know, write when the mood, inspiration, idea hits me.

That has proven to be a setback to my completion of this current novel. I’ve struggled with the direction of my storyline. My characters aren’t speaking to me as regularly as I’d like them to. My seventeen chapter outline is a mute point because somewhere around chapter three I got totally off track.

Recently, I spent a complete day at Spelman College researching information for this novel. I took pages and pages of notes but it’s been five weeks and I’ve written exactly three paragraphs. That sucks. I was ready to scrap the whole think, try to focus on other creative outlets for a while. But then God spoke to me. And he was LOUD!

So now, I have an outpouring of ideas about this book. I know how it will end. My thoughts are clear and my fingers can’t keep up with my mind as I try to get the story down on paper. I am inspired.

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serenityThere comes a time when you have to accept your life for what it is. This acceptance does not mean that you succumb to whatever dissatisfaction you may feel.

It means that you move into a place where you are able to adequately evaluate your life and begin making any needed changes.  It can be a difficult, slow-going process.

This is where I am now. That slow-going, gut wrenching, painful process of change.

There’s  no clear cut path for me to follow. It’s sort of like I’m in a heavily wooded forest wielding a machete, trying to forge a path for myself. I know where I want to go- out of these damn trees- but not quite sure of the quickest exit.

When Jesus and his disciples was in the boat during a terrible wind storm  his disciples were terrified by the rocking of the vessel. They awoke Jesus, who was asleep on a pillow and asked him why he wasn’t concerned that they will die. Jesus calmed the storm by saying “Peace, be still”. Then he asked his disciples “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

My lesson from this scripture is even though I may be surrounded by storms and my boat may rock back and forth with great force, I should, because of my faith in The Almighty, be able to have a calm, sensible spirit.

I thank God for his grace, because I’m not there yet. I’m a work in progress.

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Fashion Blogger? Not Quite.

krystal grantCertainly, “fashionista” would not accurately describe me. But I’ve been known to throw together a cute outfit or two. Today, I scored big with my attire. I’ve had this dress so long that I can’t remember where it was purchased.

And because I couldn’t find the belt that I normally wear with it, I pulled a leopard print belt from my closet that I don’t think I’ve ever worn. Well, I’m glad I paired the two together because this leopard belt added a special flare to the dress that wasn’t there before.

My two inch ankle boots and black tights pulled the smock together beautifully. And the hat…..I love this hat. It came from Target years ago and I always pull it from my closet when I don’t feel like doing my hair  need it.

Now for the pose…. I’ve never posed like this for a picture…ever. I usually don my “pouty mouth” when taking a photo, or plaster a big smile across my face. But today, I was really feeling myself so I decided to try to be all high fashion. Look out, Vogue! Here I come.

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Spelman College, My Inspiration

Spelman College English DepartmentIt’s been an uphill battle. Every sentence that I’ve successfully put on paper has been like pulling teeth, snatching hair out of my head. I’ve painstakingly made it to chapter four. That’s a total of nearly fifty pages; fifty hard-to-come-by pages.

My head hurts and I’m trying to ward off frustration the best way I know how. My previous novels weren’t nearly this difficult to write. The Miseducation of Ms. G was written in only three weeks. Three weeks! Of course, it took me months to edit the manuscript. But at least the story was already put on paper. All that was left to do was make it luminous.

For months I’ve struggled with the direction of this book. I’ve outlined the chapters- then quickly veered away from the outline. I finally decided it was time to do a little research. I made an appointment with a professor at Spelman College. I wanted to spend time on campus, sit in a few classes, ingest the air.

Krystal Grant at Spelman College


The time I spent at the Atlanta University Center was amazing. It was awesome to be back in an academic environment after spending years away from the education system. Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University provided me with much needed inspiration to recalibrate my creativity and make my manuscript flourish.

Spelman College Museum

I have pages and pages of notes to sift through. And I’m ready to tackle my characters and bring more of their stories to life. This book may get written after all.

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