Oprah in Atlanta

It was amazing; life-changing; spiritual. Finally, after nearly 20 years of waiting I got to see my girl, Oprah, in person. I was so close to her I could see her false eye-lashes. I hung on to every word she spoke. I tried my hardest to fight back my tears for fear of looking like a complete nut to the people around me.

She’s so damn smart. She just makes you want to be better. Oprah makes you think about things in a way that you’ve never thought about them before. She inspires you. She motivates you. I was in awe.

It’s  evident that she cares about the people around her. And that’s what I admire about her. As I’ve written before: When I see Oprah I see the possibility of what my life can become. Oprah is amazing.

Here are a few pictures from the event. I would have had much more but my stupid a** camera died and I was unable to retrieve any of my other pictures. How sad!

 Stalking Gayle

 Suzie Orman

me with Desiree from mommyreporter.com


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