David Letterman Runs

During the summer months I stay up really late. It’s 2 or 3 am before my head hits the pillow. But once school reopens for the fall I dare not keep late hours.

Going to bed earlier really messes up my TV time. There are certain shows I just have to watch. And The Late Show is one of them. I’m a big David Letterman fan. I think he’s really crazy – in a good way. He’s the kind of comedian that just makes you shake your head and think to yourself : Damn he’s stupid.

Mr. Incredible and I stayed up every  night this summer just to see The Late Show with David Letterman. We loved Dave’s stand up routine at the beginning of the show; and of course he had great guests. But it wasn’t the jokes or the celebrities that we enjoyed most. It was the moment right after the announcer introduced the guest when the curtain rose and Dave ran his crazy ass across the stage…at full speed.

I tried all summer long to figure out why he runs across the stage before he delivers his monologue…but the answer escapes me. All I know is his run across the set is one of the funniest moments currently on television.

So hubby, in light of our admiration for David Letterman’s amazing athletic ability, started the most creative Twitter hashtag ever: #DaveRunsFast .

When he sent me a tweet using this hashtag I was so proud. I thought him to be a genius. What a great way to pay homage to the craziest, “run-the-fastest” old man we have ever seen. David Letterman is hilarious. And now, he has his own hashtag.

*One day I plan to be on the David Letterman show and I will ask him why he runs across the stage before his monologue. I’ll let you all know what he says. In the mean time, watch this video of Dave running…


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  1. Urr… Dave wasn’t running very fast on this clip. Maybe he was tired. #DaveStillRunsFast

  2. I too watch David Letterman most nights. I thought he ran across the stage to hype himself up to come out and start the show. Tweet him Krystal, or call his office and ask for an interview cause now I want to know from Mr. Letterman why he does this crazy act.

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