MAC Makeup Brush

This is my new make up brush. And I love it. I had been spending  close to $20.00 a month on new make up sponges for my pressed powder. But on my last visit to MAC one of the make up artists suggested that i purchase a brush instead.

After spending  close to and hour discussing the various types of professional brushes sold by MAC I finally decided on the 129sh power blush brush. I love it.

My makeup application is so much easier with the brush than with the sponges I used to use. And I’m saving so much more money now because my brush will last for nearly a year. Now I won’t have to run to the MAC store every two weeks to buy new sponges.

I like my brush so much I think I’m going back to the MAC store to search for more beauty products. Do you shop at MAC?  Have you tried any of their make up brushes? What’s your beauty regimen?

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  1. I used to use MAC when I was single and makeup was a luxury. I think C5 was the pressed powder I used. Never tried their brushes. But believe it or not, one of my church members brought me a powder compact of MAC about two months ago (her daughter is a stylist in NYC) and I now remember why it is so GREAT! Will I continue to buy it, maybe not. I found another brand that I love just as much and half the price (Iman).

  2. I was a MAC user until about 2 weeks ago. A friend suggested that I try Makeup Forever by Sephora. I wanted to try something new, and I really like it. I purchased the foundation and applicator brush. I only wear makeup once a week for church since I work from home. I cleanse & moisturize daily.

  3. I love MAC! My best friend was a MAC Pro Artist for a looong time, so she hooked a sista up on the reg with free products and got me hooked. I will forever be a wearer of Pressed Foundation NW43 (although I JUST bought a NARS foundation last week, shhh). She also uses brushes FWIW. Maybe I’ll get one too.

    What I DO need your help with is eyeshadow application. I am CLUELESS. It’s pathetic. Do you have any tips? Yours always looks so fly.

    • PRIMER! Eye shadow is nothing without primer. I use mary kay brand primer $11.00). I also buy not traditional colors. I buy blue, green, yellow…I even have orange. The key is to not be afraid of trying new things. Also, your eye shadow does not have to match your outfit (I’m not sure who came up with that rule)

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