Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard, Morris College

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3 Responses to Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard, Morris College

  1. Cheryl Kenely Witherspoon

    In addition to THAT, both my parents (and Krystal’s) met and married and graduated from Morris College. They were in the mathematics department and taught math for 30 years! ALSO, my aunt, graduated from Morris also and is STILL a mathematics teacher there. Our sister has taught math there also. Now, I do not know if Krystal knows this but our GRANDMOTHER also attended Morris but it was not exactly a four year college yet…..I guess we have to ask dad for more details on that. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MORRIS COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is where we got our START!!!!!

  2. You know you should have shown the Alpha Phi Alpha wall first…..’06

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