The Finale

This weekend I traveled to Tuskegee, Alabama to film my final episode of Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard. My trip was met with many challenges and up until the moment I cranked my truck, I wasn’t sure it would take place. My 3 year old son came down with a terrible stomach virus last week. This virus, which ran its course through most of his classmates, cause my baby to vomit 8 times in 1 day! How awful. He was stricken with a fever and stayed out of school. My boy recovered nicely but I soon realized that he has given his sickness to his older brother. So, the morning of my trip, I awoke to the knowledge that my oldest son had vomited all over my leather couch. And he continued vomiting throughout the morning.

In my mind I had canceled the trip and quickly began making alternate plans for the final episode of my web series. Then the entrepreneur in me took over and forced me to stay dedicated to the “job” I had taken on. I HAD to shoot the episode because people were expecting it (even if those people were only my family members). So, I turned my sick child over to Mr. Incredible, packed up my accoutrements and my 10 year old daughter (who’d act as my cameragirl) and headed down interstate 85 south towards Alabama.

It was an amazing trip. I was so excited to film at Tuskegee. I had only been to the campus once before and couldn’t wait to immerse myself in black college life, if only for a few hours. We arrived, and filming began. After only 3 takes my camera, that has always been in perfect condition, died. It was frozen. After much prayer, a frantic call to my husband, and a trip to the gas station for some safety pins to fix the broken camera, shooting resumed. I felt like MacGuyver.

My daughter and I stomped the yard all over the campus of Tuskegee University. It was amazing. The campus is phenomenal, absolutely beautiful. Each student that we met was overly polite, courteous, and helpful. The rich history of Tuskegee makes me so proud to be African American. My experience was so very amazing at the college that I’m considering going back to school to get my Ph.D. And, of course, I want to enroll at an HBCU! I can’t wait for you to see this final episode of Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard. Tuskegee University is fantastic.

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