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MH900434905I thought this day would never come. But I made it to the end of football season. While it was a great experience for the 9 year old players, it was hell for the parents.

For starters, there was no season schedule. Even though I made numerous requests for a schedule, none was never provided nor available. We would only get text messages alerting us of the day, time, and location of an upcoming game. This was overwhelmingly frustrating for the parents.

Practice never ended on time. Not only did practice always run long, but the coaches would add an extra day of practice (on a Friday, mind you) without any notice. So, often times, the boys would practice 4 days a week!

The equipment package we paid for isn’t the one we received. Hubby and I shelled out close to $300 on my son’s football accoutrements. And we paid for an extra package of items that we though would be good for him to have.

Well, the team moms decided to change the package mid- season. And what we received was a disappointment. Not only were the items unnecessary, but they were cheaper that the original amount we paid. Which means the organization STILL owes me somewhere around $40.

At this point, all that’s left of this season is the football banquet. Admittedly, I’m not expecting much considering how unorganized this season has been. But we shall see.

Does your child play any sports? Please tell me you’ve had a better experience that the one I described.

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  1. That league sounds like a basketball league we played all of one season with. Other than that, we’ve been really blessed! My children had great experiences with sports, and more importantly my experience if I had to grade it would be a B+.

  2. UGH that sounds like headache! Chunks is playing soccer now but they’re only 4 & 5 so it’s nothing intense yet. I would want him to continue in group sports but I would hate to have it handled like this. Glad its over for you, for now.

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