Snowmageddon Atlanta 2014

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With a husband and three children it is a necessity that my pantry and refrigerator stay packed with edibles. And they usually do.

I have a standing appointment with the grocery store every single weekend and I never miss a date.

So when Snowmaggedon ’14 hit Atlanta two days ago, my mind was at ease. We all made it home safely. We had heat, electricity, and most importantly FOOD!

Being cooped up in the house for over 48 hours wasn’t so bad. Admittedly, it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We watched the news and prayed for the millions of commuters and students that were left stranded on the interstate and in various schools. And we thanked God that we didn’t encounter any problems getting home.

I’m relieved the snow is melting now because after two days of pigging out on victuals , we are just about barren. I was forced to order pizza today and luckily, the delivery time was dramatically decreased from a few days prior when we were told there was a three hour delivery time.

Being “trapped” inside has taught me that I need to step up my grocery game just a bit. Here are a few pantry definites that I’ll add to my grocery list just in case snow decides to fall again…

1) Ground Beef

2) Loaf of bread (I don’t usually buy it because we aren’t big sandwich eaters)

3) luncheon meat

4) Beef -A-Roni (or any other  heat and eat item)


6) Juice bottles

Were you affected by Snowmaggedon ’14? How did your family fair?

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  1. After you all’s SnowJam14 I thought about making sure my pantry is stocked during the rest of the winter. If they whisper snow or ice I grocery stores look like that pic you posted!

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