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cropped header 36 larger size new blog titleWhat would the world be without change? Very boring! So, in keeping with the unpredictability of the world, I’ve changed a few things about my blog!

You probably didn’t notice. But when you logged in there was a big, fat, brand new header staring you in the face. Yes, it’s the same old caricaturized (is that a word) picture of me. But the blog title and tag line are different.

For years, I’ve blogged under the title “Krystal Grant’s Guide To Life”. I’ve never liked that title. But I couldn’t ever think of anything more catchy…..until a few weeks ago.

As I was pondering the idea of starting a new YouTube channel (more on that later) a lightening bolt of genius struck me and “Candid Krystal” entered my brain.

I loved the title because it was in line with the theme of my online videos. Yes, I have an over developed sense of candor when it comes to YouTube. So, the Candid Krystal YouTube channel was born.

In an effort to streamline my brand I decided to change the title of my blog as well. Do you like? I feel that this change more accurately represents who I am as a writer and online personality. So, don’t worry, you’ll still get the same kooky Krystal that’s been around for years.

You should subscribe to my blog newsletter so you can get Candid Krystal delivered straight to your inbox. And be sure to subscribe to my NEW YouTube channel.

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  1. Hi Krystal,
    Just subscribed:) ….Hey what about ‘Kandid Krystal’ (that’s “kute” too)?!

  2. I love the new title! While reading your post, I had the same thought as Mona–“K”andid Krystal. I like the sound, look and feel of it. All business, yet fun and spunky at the same time. You can do a lot with “KK” (KK’s Take, Krystal Klear…). I know I’m running out. So what? It’s late, I’m tired, and we just got paid!

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