Tattoos Over Tiaras

Tattoos Over Tiaras

When you’re nineteen you often do irrational things. I was no different. One Saturday, my friends and I decided to hop in a borrowed vehicle and travel to Augusta, Georgia, to get tattoos. Because I had recently taken a vacation to Disney World, I figured a Mickey Mouse tattoo would be fitting. A big, red and black Mickey Mouse tattoo…on my leg.

I sat in a chair in the center of a dirty, smelly tattoo parlor and allowed a 300 lb 6’5″ man named “Preacher” with an astronomically long beard ink the cartoon character into my leg.

So yeah, nineteen year olds often do irrational things.

Twenty years later, I found myself back in a tattoo parlor. Unlike the first time, this shop was pristine, beautifully decorated and smelled heavenly. I felt so at home in Only You Tattoo.

To celebrate my 40th birthday I decided to ink the beloved palmetto tree, a symbol of my home state and title of my first book, into my arm.

I was excited and nervous – excited because I was actually following through with plans I had been making for a year. And nervous because I don’t like pain. But I knew it would hurt.

From start to finish the tattoo took about 40 minutes. Jake, my tattoo artist, was amazing. He worked quickly and calmed me while I  cried like a baby fought back tears.

Now I’m considering my next tattoo because once you get inked, there’s no turning back!

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