Wednesday Writing Tip- Study Authors In Your Genre

Wednesday Writing Tip- Study Authors In Your Genre

Are you a poet? Then you should be reading Pablo Naruda, Nikki Giovanni, Robert Frost, Shakespeare. Do you write young adult fiction? You should read John Green, Lysa Divine, and Ransom Riggs.

If you want to play the game, you MUST study your competition. But you’re not studying your competition to win a race. You study them to improve your own writing.

There is no shortage of great writers who have experienced success. So, if you want to perfect your craft and expand your audience, you must read authors who write in your genre.

What are they doing well? How do they market themselves? What does their website and social media pages look like?

I can’t tell you how often I peruse authors’ websites. Of course, I visit these webpages to get information about their books. But I also go to view their landing pages, read their “about me” sections, and discover how active they are on Twitter.

Reading kindred authors can teach you so much about yourself as a writer. It will help you refine your likes and dislikes, sharpen your skill set and expand your creativity.

So, let’s get started! Create a list of authors in your genre and head to the library!

Happy reading!

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