Jumpstart Your Writing

Jumpstart Your Writing

Let’s just say…for the sake of this blog post that Shonda Rhimes called you in need of an immediate contribution to her next TV show. Or Harper Collins sent an email asking for a writing sample to include in their next publication. Would you have something to send them?

Don’t think these ideas are far fetched. Believe me. I almost fell on the floor when I got a letter from Nikki Giovanni describing my book as “strong writing”. And I’m still heart broken over the time I received an email from a best selling author requesting my contribution to her next collection (which I never sent in because…I suck sometimes).

My point is….if you consider yourself a writer. Why aren’t you writing? I meet throngs of people who tell me they’ve always wanted to write a book. But they don’t have a sample of their writing to show me.

If you consider yourself a writer then….you must write. And write often. You should have at the very least a working draft, completed short story or collection of 20-30 poems in your arsenal.

Chris Abani once interviewed Kwame Dawes and Colin Channer. In that interview, Abani told the story of a time when he needed submissions for his publishing company. He states that he called Dawes in hopes that Dawes would send over a manuscript to be published. Dawes responded, “I’ll send 4. You choose one.”

This statement taught me a valuable yet simple lesson. A writer must write, not just dream about writing, not just jot ideas down on post it notes. But have completed works ready for publication.

So, again I ask, what are you working on?

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