Wednesday Writing Tip- Set a Daily Word Count

Wednesday Writing Tip- Set a Daily Word Count

Setting a daily word count can help you stay organized. If you know what your end result should be, you’re better equip to stay focused on your writing.

While working on my books I set a minimum word count each day. This was a great way to stay disciplined. Instead of allowing distractions like TV or Facebook get the best of me, I was able to meet my writing goals.

Your daily word count can vary. I find that during the week, I’m able to be more productive than on the weekends. So, my word count goals are usually higher Mondays through Fridays.

Moreover, your daily word count can be as simple as 100 words or an aggressive 5,000 words. It depends on what stage of the writing process you are in and other life challenges that may be affecting you (it’s incredibly difficult to conquer a 10,000 word count goal if you’ve been up all night with a sick baby).

Have mercy on yourself and be flexible. There is no true rhyme or reason to writing a book. Be confident in your abilities and do what works for you.

Happy writing!

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  1. Thanks Krystal.

    I am going to try and apply this method to my writing. 🙂