Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Get UNorganized

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Get UNorganized

Throw your plan out the window! Really. Forget about it. Tear it into little pieces. Toss it in the sea of forgetfullness. There is truly no cookie-cutter way to write. And while I try my very best to be organized by keeping a journal, maintaining a clean writing space and using all sorts of outlines and writing tools, I find that sometimes, none of that stuff works.

Authors write every day. So, there are some methods that work on Monday, but fail on Tuesday. And the thing that gets you inspired on Wednesday, gives you a case of the doldrums on Thursday.

It’s all a big game of trial and error until you find what really works for YOUR writing style. So, if being super organized works for you, and using an outline, diagram or structured format is helpful then, by all means, go for it.

But if you find that these things are not supplying you with the needed inspiration or motivation, then scrap all of it and get UNorganized. Your inspiration is waiting……

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