Wednesday Writing Tip~ Connect With Other Writers

Wednesday Writing Tip~ Connect With Other Writers

It’s important to fellowship with like-minded people. You give yourself an opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another and gain much-needed critiques of your writing. Public libraries in your area may offer weekly writing groups. If they don’t, why not start one?!

Big box bookstores often have book signings with top selling authors. It’s a good chance for you to meet people you’d not normally have access to. And smaller, independent bookstores usually host book events that are open to the public.

Colleges and universities may sponsor book talks with authors, illustrators, and people within the publishing industry. And their English departments may have open mic nights where the community comes to read their original work.

There are a plethora of online writing workshops available. A simple google search will give you the information you need. And I know of many book and writing conferences that will supply you with what you need to get a jump start on your writing.

So what are you waiting for? Get connected!