Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Face Your Fears

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Face Your Fears

Years ago, when I was 17, I had an opportunity to meet Jamaican writer, Kwame Dawes. He read my work and gave me valuable advice that I still hold on to this day. In his critique of my writing, he said, “find what you’re most afraid of and write about that.”

I knew what it was that brought me my greatest fear. But I didn’t have the maturity, courage, or life experience to face it ~ or even consider it.

After nearly twenty years and heap of life experience, I was forced to face that thing that gave me a staggering sense of terror….The death of a parent.

My first book, Under The Palmetto Tree (and nearly everything I’ve written since), has an overarching theme of death associated with it.

It was only when I faced my greatest fear that I was able to release the writing that had welled up inside me for so many years. It’s the greatest form of freedom when you are able to write about an experience with truth and authenticity.

What are you afraid of? Face it. And write. You’ll be set free.

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