Wednesday Writing Tip: Visit The Library

Wednesday Writing Tip: Visit The Library

Books do something to me. They warm my heart, giving me incredible joy. And being surrounded by them is like a little slice of Heaven!

I make regular trips to my local book store. But I had to place a ban on my book-buying escapades because it got out of hand. I currently have four brand new books in my cue that need to be read. So, until I read them, I’m not buying any more books.

Even though I’m not adding to my collection, I still stop by the book store and library to peruse the aisles. The library is a great place expose yourself to never-before-heard-of books. There, you can find obscure titles by obscure authors hiding on the shelves.

Take a rainy afternoon, or quiet Sunday morning to visit the library and uncover a few new books. It will be worth it!