Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Believe

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Believe

Admittedly, creating these Wednesday Writing tips aren’t the easiest task. It’s not that I’m short of advice. But my advice won’t mean much without a healthy dose of passion on your part.

It all boils down to this… If you don’t believe that you will be a published author, it’s not going to happen.

Colin Channer said, “Writing always involves fear. Sometimes you spend a lot of time {writing} and you feel it’s going well. And you read what you’ve written and {realize it hasn’t gone} so well. But you always have to come back. What sustains me is love. If you love it you will stay with it through good times and bad.”

So how much do you love it?

Recently, I found myself frustrated with my current book sales. I was wondering if I had made the best marketing decisions with my latest book. I began to lament about the difficult life of a writer and how we aren’t appreciated and blah blah blah. Woe is me! Woe is me!

Then I had to reevaluate the reason I became a writer. And I realized, I don’t write for people. Understand me, it’s wonderful when readers buy my books. I truly appreciate the feedback I get on my characters and how my writing has impacted other’s lives. But I don’t write for people! I write for me.

I write because my mind is crowded with characters, situations, settings, circumstances. I write because I MUST clear the clutter from my brain by putting it all on paper. Writing saves me from insanity. It saves me from melancholy, from inner turmoil. Writing is my saving grace. It gives me peace.

THIS is my passion. What’s yours?

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