Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Find A Mentor

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Find A Mentor

Who is it that you most admire? Which authors are really making it in their careers? Who is writing the types of books you want to write?

I have several people that I “follow” closely…watching their careers and how they move…..admiring them from afar.

You should have some of those people. You should use them as examples of how to make it in the publishing industry. Have you visited their websites? Are you following them on social media? Are you commenting on their blogs? Registering for their webinars?

Writing is certainly a solitary action. But we cannot make it on our own. So, we all need mentors that will guide us through the various stages of our writing. I’ll tell you a little about mine…..

Kwame Dawes

Author of 21 books of poetry and two novels, Dawes’ writing career is one to be admired. He is a playwright and co-founder of Calabash International Literary Festival. Dawes is my first “real life” mentor. He has helped guide my writing since I was fourteen years old. And to this day (nearly 30 years later) I still pull on his coat strings for advice.

Tia McCollors

With more than nine books under her belt, Tia McCollors is a writing power house. When you long for a lazy Sunday afternoon of reading, one of her books should certainly be your top choice. Tia’s writing is solid.  You’ll find your self gripping the pages in anticipation of what will happen next. And you’ll instantly fall in love with her characters. Not only is she a writer, but she is a dynamic speaker. I’ve attended many of her writing workshops and always learn something new.

Demetria Lucas 

For a well-rounded perspective on pop culture, you must read Demetria Lucas D’oyley’s column in The Root.  She is the author of two books and creator of the very popular blog A Belle In Brooklyn. After an ingenious rebranding effort, D’oyley began See Some World, a site that displays her love of travel and encourages us all to navigate the globe.

Avery Sunshine

While Avery isn’t a book author, the way she takes hold of her own marketing amazes me. She is a singer, musician and song writer who connects with her audience through social media in a fascinating way. Avery Sunshine keeps her fans abreast of her travel schedule, gives us regular behind the scenes snippets of her studio work and posts hilarious Facebook live videos that let us know she’s a woman who balances work and family just like the rest of us.

And there you have it, folks. These creatives have taught me so much about my own career and how I can prosper in this industry. I’ve followed them for years and gained invaluable knowledge about marketing and work ethic. Who are your mentors? If you don’t have any, get some soon!


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  1. I love this! Going to cultivate (love that word) a list right now! Thanks!