Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Use Your Pain

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Use Your Pain

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Nely Galan speak. She’s such  powerhouse! Thoughout her hour-long talk she gave expert advice about how to grow your business and position yourself for success.

One nugget of wisdom she shared was to write from your pain. Galan stated, “Your pain is your gateway to your most authentic brand.” This statement rang true with me because it wasn’t until after my mother’s death that I was able to write my first book. And now, death is a common theme in my writing.

I suggest you do the same…start with your pain. What is it that is most hurtful to you? What tragedy have you experienced? While writing from your pain may seem unapplealing, it will help you become more relatable. Your audience will begin to identify with your hurt. Your writing will seem more credible to the reader. They will become more engaged with your work.

So, what are you waiting on? Start soul searching!

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  1. Great tip! Emotions can really open up a flood gate!