A New Writing Space?

A New Writing Space?

This writing space simply won’t do. It was wonderful when I first create it. The room suit my needs perfectly. But over time, I’ve come to realize that my desk is too small. I have stacks and stacks of papers, notebooks, and other writing accoutrements sprawled everywhere. This leaves no room for my laptop.

My leather chair is very comfortable for sitting. It’s soft and plush. But it doesn’t lend itself to writing. I have to place a pillow behind my back to optimize my satisfaction. It’s a perfect chair for relaxation, but it isn’t the best for sitting long hours hunkered over a laptop.

Moreover, because my writing space is inside my bedroom, I get incredibly distracted by the TV, the couch that sits in front of the TV, my bed and all the big fluffy pillows that lay on it.

My writing space also doubles as my sewing area/ craft room.  So I have racks of Kozy Kases draped along the wall. My sewing machine and hefty fabric stash take up a large amount of space. And my canvases and paint are all over the place.

I’ve become a bit overwhelmed. This is probably the reason I’m having a difficult time writing anything. My writing space is no longer functional. I feel a redesign coming on…..

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