Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Listen To Music

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Listen To Music

Writing has been my saving grace. This is true. And while much of my day is spent mentally composing characters, plot, setting and theme I have to find other creative outlets to keep me stimulated.

Music has a way of seeping deep into my soul and making my heart happy. The rhythm, instruments and songwriting work together to bring me such a sense of peace and inspiration. This is why I’m thrilled to have recently discovered the band, Johnny Swim.

I was first alerted about them a few months ago from watching my favorite TV show, Fixer Upper. Then I began following the group on Instagram. But it was only yesterday when I listened to a few of their songs and OMG!!!! I’m so in love.

The lyrics to their music are ingenious. Their songwriting is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t stop listening to them. So many of the lines from their songs inspire me. I’ve written three poems in the past two days just from hearing their songs.

I’m so in love. And Amanda’s voice!!! I’ve never heard such a powerful, sweet voice like hers. I suggest you listen to Johnny Swim. I know their beautiful music will jump start your writing.

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