Promotional Items for Your Book Event

Promotional Items for Your Book Event

When I participate in industry events like book conferences and author showcases, I take special care in my display area. Because, of course, you want to have an appealing display that will draw people to your table. Recently, I’ve added a few items to my book display that are sure to make kids (and their parents) stop by my booth and stay a while.

Poppy and the Play Date Throw Pillow

1)Throw pillow Vista Print had a fabulous sale recently . I got this custom throw pillow with my book cover for $17. It’s a great way to decorate my table and give kids something to squeeze while their parents are making a purchase.

2)Custom plush doll Stuffed animals are always great for kids. So when I came across a company called Budsies, I knew they would be able to create a custom doll, based off of my title character, Poppy. It is the perfect promotional item for my books. And it’s a good way to lure children to my vendor booth.

Poppy and the Play Date Stickers

3) Stickers Little kids love stickers. So I had some stickers made depicting the characters from my book. This is a cute way to get kids to open up to you while at an event. Children are normally shy. But if you give them a great looking sticker they are sure to become your best friend. And of course, they’ll want the book to match your cool sticker. I purchased my stickers from .

Krystal Grant book marks

4) Bookmarks I’ve been ordering bookmarks from iPrint since I published my first book. But I figured it would be a good idea to include them in this posts since bookmarks are a perfect promotional item. I utilize bookmarks like they are business cards. Everyone who buys a book from me gets a bookmark. But even people who just stop at the table to look will receive a book mark from me. On each book mark I have pictures of my book covers and my website. That way, they will always have purchase information when they are ready to buy.

These items have proven to be great advertisements for my books and they have helped increase my bottom line. I hope they will help you too! Best wishes for your next book event!