Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard is a web series that delves into the history, campus, academics, and student life at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This documentary embraces the important impact that Black colleges have on America and the world. We are currently in pre production for season 2 of the series. You can watch season one below. Click here to get updated information on the webisodes.

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  2. Melvin Todd

    I just happened upon your blog and was impressed by your tour of HBCUs. I am a graduate of Tuskegee University and have studied at several non-black universities. None of the other schools that I have attended hold a candle to my education from Tuskegee. My two daughters have graduated from Ivy League and large state schools. While they got a good text book education, they really missed out on that special thing that one gets when they attend a HBCU like Tuskegee. One thing that is not stressed often is the fact that Black women often find good candidates from marriage at HBCUs. I first met my wife while working on a production at the school’s Little Theatre. Please continue to do your Stomp The Yard series. I will send links to it to my friends, family and old schoolmates. By the way, I really old. I graduated in 1969.

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