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Today Is Pub Day for My 5th Book!

Today Is Pub Day for My 5th Book!

Today marks the release of my 5th book and I’m over the moon excited to share it with you. When I has the idea to write Poppy and the Play Date, I thought it would be a stand alone book. But the response from readers was overwhelming and so many people asked me to write a follow up book.

So, today, I introduce to the world Poppy’s Pet Adventure TADDAAAAA!!! I hope the little reader’s in your lives find joy in this new story. For purchase, click the “KG Books” tab above. Poppy would love to go home with you! Happy reading, friends.

Tips for Your Next Speaking Engagement

Tips for Your Next Speaking Engagement

Happy new year to all of you! I pray your 2018 is off to a fantastic start and you are filled with peace and joy. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a book conference with a host of authors. This blog post is inspired by my time there. I curated a few tips for any writers who may have upcoming speaking engagements. I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

1) Represent yourself in a professional manner.

Think carefully about how you dress and how you are perceived. Dress for your audience.  If you are speaking to children there’s no need to dress in a suit and tie. Regardless of what you wear, it should be clean, ironed and suitable for the occasion.

2) Cater your speech to your audience.

Don’t tell football jokes to a room filled with women. Don’t discuss Shakespeare’s Hamlet in an audience of elementary school students. Keep it simple and think about ways you can relate to the people listening to you.

3) Practice your speech.

Toastmasters is a fantastic tool to assist your with public speaking. Also, look in the mirror and practice your speech. I often record myself using the voice recorder on my phone. Then listen to the playback. If I’m not pleased with my speech I adjust accordingly.

4) Give the audience what they want.

If they ask you to read a passage from your book, don’t deny them. READ IT! Your main goal as an author is to sell your book. So, SELL IT!

5) Research what you don’t know.

Google the organizer and the event so you’ll know what to expect. Peruse the organization’s website and read testimonials from past attendees. Never walk into a situation blind. Always know your audience.

6) Sell Your Book

You are the doorway that leads to book sales. Tell people about it. Tell them why the book is worth their money and time. Show them why they should invest in you!

I hope these tips are of some use to you. Much success to you at your future speaking events!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at The Center for Puppetry Arts

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at The Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts recently celebrated this season’s opening weekend of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. I had the pleasure of attending an afternoon showing with my children. We sat mesmerized in the crowd as this classic tale was brought to the stage.


The craftsmanship of the puppets, the fantastic displays and the phenomenal actors with their amazing vocals were all too much for me to handle. I admit, I wiped a tear away as Rudolph and his band of misfits finally found their places in the world.


rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

This incredible show marks the official start of the Christmas season! It’s a show you and your family don’t want to miss.

See below for more info about the show and ticket purchase.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  is recommended for ages 4 and up. All-inclusive tickets to all shows include entrance to the Create-A-Puppet Workshop™, where guests can make, decorate and perform with their own King Moonracer™ Rod & String Puppet, as well as admission to the Worlds of Puppetry Museum (with the largest collection of Jim Henson puppets and artifacts in the world as well as a Global Gallery). Special events are included at no extra charge with paid admission.

Rudolph tickets prices vary by date and can be purchased online at www.puppet.org or by calling 404.873.3391.

*I received three free tickets as a guest of Brave Public Relations to attend the show and blog about it. The opinion of the show posted here is my own and not influenced by anything other than my love of the production.

Building a Biblical Foundation

Building a Biblical Foundation

Today marks the one year anniversary of my endeavor to read the Bible from beginning to end. On October 24, 2016 I began at Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1. I decided that I’d read a little bit each night, making my way through the entire Bible. Currently, I am on II Kings chapter 13 verse 10. I have nearly made it through 12 of the 66 books.

I started this quest in order to bring together my scant knowledge of God’s word. I grew up in the church, and continue to attend. But I often listen to preachers and get confused- or leave church feeling blah. So I figured I needed to read the Bible for myself, and not wholly depend on someone else to tell me about God.

This past year has been incredibly enlightening. So much of the things I already knew about the Bible have brand new meaning now. Reading the Word for myself has given me a deeper understanding of God’s chosen people and his desires for our lives. It has also taught me to be grateful. Grateful for God’s love and protection. It has taught me to spend less time complaining and more time giving thanks.

This past year has been life changing. I am learning to take God with me wherever I go. I’m learn to walk in love and practice peace. I’m excited about going deeper into the Bible and learning more about the Lord and his ways.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.



As I mentioned in a previous post about tattoos “Once you get inked, there’s no turning back.” So, I recently found myself at Only You Tattoo Parlor in just a little over a year since my last visit. I was certain of the theme I wanted to depict, just not sure it could be done. 

tattoo sketch

It took some serious collaboration between myself and Charles, the tattoo artist, to come up with a suitable image. But after a few sketches (that were drawn and erased repeatedly on my arm), we finally agreed on the artwork.

Only You Tattoo

After nearly an hour and A LOT of pain that could only be described as a fiery knife repeatedly scraping across my wrist I emerged with my third tattoo.

writer tattoo

This one was put in an incredibly sensitive place and hurt substantially more than my previous ink jobs. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to let the artist finish his work. But through much sweat and a tear or two I made it.Only You TattooMany people wonder the allure of tattoos (especially older generations). I explain it this way: I am a creative. And I express my creativity in a variety of forms such as writing, sewing, painting, and yes…tattoos. Body art has become commonplace in today’s society and I’m proud to be a part of the tattooed community.

Local Authors’ Tea

Local Authors’ Tea

The vocation of writing is often times a lonely one. You sit for hours upon hours by yourself sifting through character traits, plot twists an story lines. Therefore, it could be beneficial to surround yourself with like-minded people from time to time. You can learn so much and gain new, exciting perspectives by communication with people who share a similar vision.

(L to R) Briana Whitaker, Krystal Grant, Kimberly Griffith Massey, Monique Gibson Sandiford

(L to R) Briana Whitaker, Krystal Grant, Kimberly Griffith Massey, Monique Gibson Sandiford

That’s why I was thrilled to participate in a Local Authors’ Tea and Book Signing in South Carolina a few weeks ago. This event brought nine authors together along with a host of attendees to talk about our careers as writers, the writing process and our various paths to publication.

Krystal Grant

The Local Authors’ Tea and Book Signing was remarkable and I hope it becomes an annual event. Thanks so much to Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church for hosting.

Promotional Items for Your Book Event

Promotional Items for Your Book Event

When I participate in industry events like book conferences and author showcases, I take special care in my display area. Because, of course, you want to have an appealing display that will draw people to your table. Recently, I’ve added a few items to my book display that are sure to make kids (and their parents) stop by my booth and stay a while.

Poppy and the Play Date Throw Pillow

1)Throw pillow Vista Print had a fabulous sale recently . I got this custom throw pillow with my book cover for $17. It’s a great way to decorate my table and give kids something to squeeze while their parents are making a purchase.

2)Custom plush doll Stuffed animals are always great for kids. So when I came across a company called Budsies, I knew they would be able to create a custom doll, based off of my title character, Poppy. It is the perfect promotional item for my books. And it’s a good way to lure children to my vendor booth.

Poppy and the Play Date Stickers

3) Stickers Little kids love stickers. So I had some stickers made depicting the characters from my book. This is a cute way to get kids to open up to you while at an event. Children are normally shy. But if you give them a great looking sticker they are sure to become your best friend. And of course, they’ll want the book to match your cool sticker. I purchased my stickers from Uprinting.com .

Krystal Grant book marks

4) Bookmarks I’ve been ordering bookmarks from iPrint since I published my first book. But I figured it would be a good idea to include them in this posts since bookmarks are a perfect promotional item. I utilize bookmarks like they are business cards. Everyone who buys a book from me gets a bookmark. But even people who just stop at the table to look will receive a book mark from me. On each book mark I have pictures of my book covers and my website. That way, they will always have purchase information when they are ready to buy.

These items have proven to be great advertisements for my books and they have helped increase my bottom line. I hope they will help you too! Best wishes for your next book event!

Career Day at LPA

Career Day at LPA

Each year schools around the country invite  professionals to  volunteer their time on Career Day. On this day, people from all working paths show up in classrooms to introduce students to their work-lives.

It was my joy to speak to these groups of 3rd graders at Leadership Preparatory Academy about my life as a writer. I made authors sound very fancy! The students asked me if I was famous!

The classes had a chance to read Poppy and The Play Date and Going on A Bear Hunt. I also brought along a few friends (Little Bill, a Sneetch, the Blue Fish) for them to play with. We had an awesome time. I look forward to visiting the school for many years to come.

If you’d like me to speak to your group or organization fill out the contact form using the navigation buttons at the top of the page.

Atlanta Baby And Child Expo

Atlanta Baby And Child Expo

The Atlanta Baby and Child Expo was held April 29 at the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta. It was a great event for moms of little ones and soon to be mothers. Hundreds of attendees came out to hear expert speaking session and learn about new products for their children.

Krystal Grant at Atlanta Baby And Child Expo

As a vendor I had an opportunity to meet so many new readers. It was a pleasure watching the children flip through the pages of my book. I passed out stickers and book marks and had a chance to talk about my latest children’s book with so many awesome people. Bravo to the event organizers. I can’t wait until next year!

The Teacher Self-Care Conference

The Teacher Self-Care Conference

There are so many people who have a desire to become a published author. I understand the feeling. For years and years I held the ambition of publishing my work. Now, as a four-time published author, I jump at the opportunity to tell others what I’ve learned.

The Teacher Self Care Conference Krystal GrantTeacher Self Care Conference Krystal Grant

The Teacher Self Care Conference Krystal Grant









I recently had the opportunity to share my knowledge with a group of educators. The Teacher Self Care Conference, held in Atlanta and sponsored by The Educator’s Room, brought together professionals from all sectors of education. Teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists assembled for a day of workshops all geared towards enhancing their lives outside of the classroom.

The Teacher Self Care Conference Krystal Grant

My workshop, Passion vs. Profession, helped attendees navigate their way through the publishing industry and gave them tools they need to publish and market their manuscripts.

It was a joy presenting at The Teacher Self Care Conference. I’m excited about next year!

Conyers-Rockdale Local Authors Expo

Conyers-Rockdale Local Authors Expo

What a pleasure it was to participate in Nancy Guinn Memorial Library’s local authors expo. This biannual event, held in Conyers, Georgia is a great way to showcase the area’s talent.

Rockdale County Author Expo

I was thrilled to be in the same space as such amazing writers. This two-hour expo attracted many of Georgia’s avid readers. We had a fantastic time! I can’t wait for September’s showcase!

A Private Tour of The Library of Congress

A Private Tour of The Library of Congress

For an avid reader and lover of history like myself, the Library of Congress is like the Holy Grail. So when I got an opportunity to take a private, behind the scenes tour I was ecstatic!

The Folder's Shakespeare Library sits right beside the Library of Congress.

The Folder’s Shakespeare Library sits right beside the Library of Congress.

The architecture is fantastic. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the building, inside and out. Due to strict privacy guidelines, there were many places within the Library that could not be photographed. But the workmanship is remarkable, believe me.

Copyright Royalty Board at the Library of Congress

The Copyright Royalty Board settles copyright infringement disputes.

I was thrilled to go in the basement and see the private collection of card catalogs…hundreds and hundreds of card catalogs lined the aisles. In today’s day of internet searching, a card catalog is certainly a treasure.

card catalogs at the Library of Congress

We were able to see Thomas Jefferson’s private collection of books and one of the first drafts of the “I Have A Dream” speech which contained MLK’s handwritten notations.

MLK's I Have A Dream Speech housed at the Library of Congress

We saw stacks and stacks of phone books from various countries throughout the world. I personally searched through the country of Nigeria to look at the names and phone numbers listed.

The Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress

The Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is such a beautiful building filled with rich history. I could have spent days searching the stacks. Before we ended our tour I had the pleasure of looking up my books, Under The Palmetto Tree, The Miseducation of Ms. G, and Brooklyn, which are all catalogued in the Library of Congress. It was such a thrill to see my name documented in such a way!

Jack and Jill Literacy Event

Jack and Jill Literacy Event

This past weekend the Stone Mountain Chapter of Jack and Jill of America held its annual Black History Month Literacy event. There, attendees were introduced to children’s book authors and illustrators like myself.

Krystal GrantIt was such a fun time spending the morning with young people. I got an opportunity to read Poppy and The Play Date and work on some fun arts and crafts with the kids.

Krystal GrantI also spoke to their parents about my journey into book publishing and the writing process. I’m so thankful to have met so many new readers. A big hug goes out to the Jack and Jill of America for the invitation. I hope to see you all again next year!Krystal Grant

Imani Literary Group Book Event

Imani Literary Group Book Event


Imani Literary Group

Whew! I can’t believe we are already in the second month of 2017! The past few months have been a whirlwind! I’ve completed not one but TWO manuscripts, attended book events, gone on an awesome family vacation and helped several authors get started on the publishing process.

Hank Stewart

All of these amazing endeavors have kept me away from my beloved blog. BUT I’M BACK to tell you about a fantastic book event I attended a few weeks ago.

Hank Stewart event

I was invited to Imani Literary Group’s book event held at Stonecrest Library. Poet Hank Stewart was the featured speaker. There are no words to describe the beauty of his poetry and the eloquence with which he spoke. I wish I could have bottled up his presentation and carried it home with me. He was fantastic.

Kendra Norman

I also got an opportunity to meet writer extraordinaire Kendra Norman. She was a sweet surprise to the event. I have been following her career for some time now and think she is a powerhouse writer.

Imani Literary Group President, Angela Reid

Imani Literary Group President, Angela Reid

This event was monumental for the literary community. Thanks so much to Angel Reid and Imani Literary Group for the invitation and amazing hospitality. I can’t wait for the next event!

Dekalb Library’s Book Club Conference

Dekalb Library’s Book Club Conference

Sometimes God allows me to experience a little slice of Heaven. That happened last Saturday when I spoke at the Dekalb Public Library’s Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference. Book lovers from surrounding counties joined together at Stonecrest Library in Lithonia to celebrate local and national authors.

Krystal Grant speaks at Dekalb Library's Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference

Krystal Grant speaks at Dekalb Library’s Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference

Krystal Grant speaks at the Dekalb Library's Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference

Krystal Grant speaks at the Dekalb Library’s Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference

I was blessed to be one of the featured authors. I had such an amazing time reading excerpts from my books and meeting new readers. The response was wonderful. I was literally floored by the warm reception I received from the 150 attendees.

Dekalb Library's Myguail Chappel and Author Krystal Grant

Dekalb Library’s Myguail Chappel and Author Krystal Grant

A huge thanks goes out to Myguail Chappell and the Dekalb Public Library staff for an excellent event. I can’t wait until next year!

Authors Reshonda Tate Billingsly and Krystal Grant

Authors Reshonda Tate Billingsly and Krystal Grant

Authors Kenn Bivins and Krystal Grant

Authors Kenn Bivins and Krystal Grant

Authors Tia McCollors and Krystal Grant

Authors Tia McCollors and Krystal Grant


Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Listen To Music

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Listen To Music

Writing has been my saving grace. This is true. And while much of my day is spent mentally composing characters, plot, setting and theme I have to find other creative outlets to keep me stimulated.

Music has a way of seeping deep into my soul and making my heart happy. The rhythm, instruments and songwriting work together to bring me such a sense of peace and inspiration. This is why I’m thrilled to have recently discovered the band, Johnny Swim.

I was first alerted about them a few months ago from watching my favorite TV show, Fixer Upper. Then I began following the group on Instagram. But it was only yesterday when I listened to a few of their songs and OMG!!!! I’m so in love.

The lyrics to their music are ingenious. Their songwriting is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t stop listening to them. So many of the lines from their songs inspire me. I’ve written three poems in the past two days just from hearing their songs.

I’m so in love. And Amanda’s voice!!! I’ve never heard such a powerful, sweet voice like hers. I suggest you listen to Johnny Swim. I know their beautiful music will jump start your writing.

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Take A Break

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Take A Break

Huh? What? Oh yeah! Today is Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving. Today has flown by as I prepare my home (and kitchen) for my very first Thanksgiving dinner. But, because I love you all so, I will, as promised, post a Wednesday Writing Tip. And here it is…..

Take. A. Break.

There’s nothing wrong with a brief writing sabbatical. It’s the holidays. It’s a time where we pause to give thanks for our blessings. So, close the lap top, but your pencils down and enjoy your family. The manuscript will be waiting for you, right where you leave it.

Have a beautiful holiday, folks. Blessings to you all!

A New Writing Space?

A New Writing Space?

This writing space simply won’t do. It was wonderful when I first create it. The room suit my needs perfectly. But over time, I’ve come to realize that my desk is too small. I have stacks and stacks of papers, notebooks, and other writing accoutrements sprawled everywhere. This leaves no room for my laptop.

My leather chair is very comfortable for sitting. It’s soft and plush. But it doesn’t lend itself to writing. I have to place a pillow behind my back to optimize my satisfaction. It’s a perfect chair for relaxation, but it isn’t the best for sitting long hours hunkered over a laptop.

Moreover, because my writing space is inside my bedroom, I get incredibly distracted by the TV, the couch that sits in front of the TV, my bed and all the big fluffy pillows that lay on it.

My writing space also doubles as my sewing area/ craft room.  So I have racks of Kozy Kases draped along the wall. My sewing machine and hefty fabric stash take up a large amount of space. And my canvases and paint are all over the place.

I’ve become a bit overwhelmed. This is probably the reason I’m having a difficult time writing anything. My writing space is no longer functional. I feel a redesign coming on…..

Wednesday Writing Tip: Be Inspired

Wednesday Writing Tip: Be Inspired

You have to believe in yourself. That’s the only way you’ll make it….the only way you’ll accomplish the goals you set for yourself. At the beginning of this year, I mulled over my 2016 aspirations. Filled with doubt, I listened as God spoke to me…

Dear Krystal,
     You are certainly good enough. You don’t need another degree or certification. There’s no reason for you to get a different job or promotion. And even though you wish you would win, a trophy will not create a greater sense of being in you. You are enough…just as you are. Highly qualified, totally capable, beyond talented…I made you; that is who I created you to be. There is nothing YOU can do to add to MY perfect foundation. And no amount of worry or cowardice will subtract from MY origination. You are everything you need. You are enough. 

I hope this “letter” helps you because it has certainly helped me. It’a posted on a cork board in my writing space. I look at it every day and am reminded of God’s grace and mercy. It inspires me to keep writing. Let it inspire you as well.

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Use Your Pain

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Use Your Pain

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Nely Galan speak. She’s such  powerhouse! Thoughout her hour-long talk she gave expert advice about how to grow your business and position yourself for success.

One nugget of wisdom she shared was to write from your pain. Galan stated, “Your pain is your gateway to your most authentic brand.” This statement rang true with me because it wasn’t until after my mother’s death that I was able to write my first book. And now, death is a common theme in my writing.

I suggest you do the same…start with your pain. What is it that is most hurtful to you? What tragedy have you experienced? While writing from your pain may seem unapplealing, it will help you become more relatable. Your audience will begin to identify with your hurt. Your writing will seem more credible to the reader. They will become more engaged with your work.

So, what are you waiting on? Start soul searching!

A Moment of Clarity ~ Why I Became A Writer

A Moment of Clarity ~ Why I Became A Writer

Somewhere around the age of twelve, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I immersed myself in the world of books and fell in love with the writings of Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. When I was in college, I declared to my English professor, Kwame Dawes, that I’d have my first book published by the time I was twenty-five.

Things didn’t go as planned because I took some time to complete menial tasks like getting married, buying a home, having children…you know…small things like that.

It wasn’t until I was thirty-seven years of age when my first book was finally published. And it’s been a world wind since then, producing 4 books in 4 years.

Just recently I’ve become begrudgingly absorbed in my book sales, monthly profit reports, and marketing strategies. The frustration of it all has certainly taken a toll on my creativity. My focus has shifted from an in-depth literary analysis of my characters to “how can I sell more books in order to make more money?” And this will not do.

In a conversation with a friend whom I consider to be a marketing guru, I received exceptional advice on how to get more eyes on my site, which will lead to more book sales. His suggestions were great, but they didn’t match my personal goals.

That conversation gave me a moment of clarity…I’m not a saleswoman. I don’t want to sell t-shirts. I’m not compiling an email marketing list, I’m not interested in the bait and hook of potential customers.

I just want to write and share my writing with the world. That’s it. I just want to write. Often times I have to remind myself that Nikki Giovanni, one of the most notable American writers of today, still teaches creative writing. Colin Channer and Zadie Smith are college professors. My point is, even professional writers who have won countless awards and have their names on the New York Times best seller’s list are still working full-time jobs.

My moment of clarity has helped me go back to the notion that writing brings me a certain freedom and peace that I’m not likely to find in any other source. So, whether I sell a hundred books or a million, I write because it is my passion, not to make a profit.

What’s your reason for writing? Have you gotten caught up in the numbers? Don’t allow your judgement to become clouded with expanding audiences and updated analytics. Get back to the heart of writing. Get pack to your passion.

Happy writing!

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Find A Mentor

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Find A Mentor

Who is it that you most admire? Which authors are really making it in their careers? Who is writing the types of books you want to write?

I have several people that I “follow” closely…watching their careers and how they move…..admiring them from afar.

You should have some of those people. You should use them as examples of how to make it in the publishing industry. Have you visited their websites? Are you following them on social media? Are you commenting on their blogs? Registering for their webinars?

Writing is certainly a solitary action. But we cannot make it on our own. So, we all need mentors that will guide us through the various stages of our writing. I’ll tell you a little about mine…..

Kwame Dawes

Author of 21 books of poetry and two novels, Dawes’ writing career is one to be admired. He is a playwright and co-founder of Calabash International Literary Festival. Dawes is my first “real life” mentor. He has helped guide my writing since I was fourteen years old. And to this day (nearly 30 years later) I still pull on his coat strings for advice.

Tia McCollors

With more than nine books under her belt, Tia McCollors is a writing power house. When you long for a lazy Sunday afternoon of reading, one of her books should certainly be your top choice. Tia’s writing is solid.  You’ll find your self gripping the pages in anticipation of what will happen next. And you’ll instantly fall in love with her characters. Not only is she a writer, but she is a dynamic speaker. I’ve attended many of her writing workshops and always learn something new.

Demetria Lucas 

For a well-rounded perspective on pop culture, you must read Demetria Lucas D’oyley’s column in The Root.  She is the author of two books and creator of the very popular blog A Belle In Brooklyn. After an ingenious rebranding effort, D’oyley began See Some World, a site that displays her love of travel and encourages us all to navigate the globe.

Avery Sunshine

While Avery isn’t a book author, the way she takes hold of her own marketing amazes me. She is a singer, musician and song writer who connects with her audience through social media in a fascinating way. Avery Sunshine keeps her fans abreast of her travel schedule, gives us regular behind the scenes snippets of her studio work and posts hilarious Facebook live videos that let us know she’s a woman who balances work and family just like the rest of us.

And there you have it, folks. These creatives have taught me so much about my own career and how I can prosper in this industry. I’ve followed them for years and gained invaluable knowledge about marketing and work ethic. Who are your mentors? If you don’t have any, get some soon!

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Believe

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Believe

Admittedly, creating these Wednesday Writing tips aren’t the easiest task. It’s not that I’m short of advice. But my advice won’t mean much without a healthy dose of passion on your part.

It all boils down to this… If you don’t believe that you will be a published author, it’s not going to happen.

Colin Channer said, “Writing always involves fear. Sometimes you spend a lot of time {writing} and you feel it’s going well. And you read what you’ve written and {realize it hasn’t gone} so well. But you always have to come back. What sustains me is love. If you love it you will stay with it through good times and bad.”

So how much do you love it?

Recently, I found myself frustrated with my current book sales. I was wondering if I had made the best marketing decisions with my latest book. I began to lament about the difficult life of a writer and how we aren’t appreciated and blah blah blah. Woe is me! Woe is me!

Then I had to reevaluate the reason I became a writer. And I realized, I don’t write for people. Understand me, it’s wonderful when readers buy my books. I truly appreciate the feedback I get on my characters and how my writing has impacted other’s lives. But I don’t write for people! I write for me.

I write because my mind is crowded with characters, situations, settings, circumstances. I write because I MUST clear the clutter from my brain by putting it all on paper. Writing saves me from insanity. It saves me from melancholy, from inner turmoil. Writing is my saving grace. It gives me peace.

THIS is my passion. What’s yours?

Wednesday Writing Tip: Visit The Library

Wednesday Writing Tip: Visit The Library

Books do something to me. They warm my heart, giving me incredible joy. And being surrounded by them is like a little slice of Heaven!

I make regular trips to my local book store. But I had to place a ban on my book-buying escapades because it got out of hand. I currently have four brand new books in my cue that need to be read. So, until I read them, I’m not buying any more books.

Even though I’m not adding to my collection, I still stop by the book store and library to peruse the aisles. The library is a great place expose yourself to never-before-heard-of books. There, you can find obscure titles by obscure authors hiding on the shelves.

Take a rainy afternoon, or quiet Sunday morning to visit the library and uncover a few new books. It will be worth it!

Wednesday Writing Tip: Research Your Writing

Wednesday Writing Tip: Research Your Writing

When planning the manuscript of my third book, Brooklyn, I knew I’d need to do a little research. For most of my writing career, I had followed sage advice: “write what you know”.

That advice had carried me well through the publication of two prior books. But my title character for this third novel would be a college professor. And while I had vast experience in education, I didn’t know much about the life of a professor.

So, I turned my attention to Spelman College in Atlanta. I knew Spelman’s campus was the perfect setting for me to research college life. I contacted a professor in the English department and got clearance to spend the day with her.

It was a great experience. I sat in on two English classes and got an opportunity to interview her in her office. After my meeting, I walked around the yard, toured the campus museum, shopped at the campus bookstore and wandered until my heart was content.

This gave me first-hand information for my book. And made my writing process a smooth one.

While authors should ‘write what they know’, there comes a time when researching certain topics will be necessary. So, go and expand your experiences.  It will make your writing great!

Pen To Paper Writer’s Workshop~ Join Me!

Pen To Paper Writer’s Workshop~ Join Me!

Much of my time is spent answering questions from aspiring authors about the writing process and my journey into publishing. So, I developed a workshop that will give writer’s vital information they need to complete,publish and successfully market their work. On November 12, 2016, I’m hosting a special session for writers in my hometown of SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA! If you’re in the area be sure to register by clicking this link. I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Face Your Fears

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Face Your Fears

Years ago, when I was 17, I had an opportunity to meet Jamaican writer, Kwame Dawes. He read my work and gave me valuable advice that I still hold on to this day. In his critique of my writing, he said, “find what you’re most afraid of and write about that.”

I knew what it was that brought me my greatest fear. But I didn’t have the maturity, courage, or life experience to face it ~ or even consider it.

After nearly twenty years and heap of life experience, I was forced to face that thing that gave me a staggering sense of terror….The death of a parent.

My first book, Under The Palmetto Tree (and nearly everything I’ve written since), has an overarching theme of death associated with it.

It was only when I faced my greatest fear that I was able to release the writing that had welled up inside me for so many years. It’s the greatest form of freedom when you are able to write about an experience with truth and authenticity.

What are you afraid of? Face it. And write. You’ll be set free.

Wednesday Writing Tip~ Connect With Other Writers

Wednesday Writing Tip~ Connect With Other Writers

It’s important to fellowship with like-minded people. You give yourself an opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another and gain much-needed critiques of your writing. Public libraries in your area may offer weekly writing groups. If they don’t, why not start one?!

Big box bookstores often have book signings with top selling authors. It’s a good chance for you to meet people you’d not normally have access to. And smaller, independent bookstores usually host book events that are open to the public.

Colleges and universities may sponsor book talks with authors, illustrators, and people within the publishing industry. And their English departments may have open mic nights where the community comes to read their original work.

There are a plethora of online writing workshops available. A simple google search will give you the information you need. And I know of many book and writing conferences that will supply you with what you need to get a jump start on your writing.

So what are you waiting for? Get connected!

A Note from Nikki Giovanni

A Note from Nikki Giovanni

With a certain amount of expectation, I opened the mailbox. Peering into the cylindrical tin I squinted my eyes to see clearer through the darkness. And there it was. An oddly shaped envelope with my name on it. I smiled and pulled it out of the box, along with the many irrelevant mailers I had received that day.

I stared at my package, turning it over and over in my hands; feeling it, smelling it, holding it. On the back was a neatly placed sticker: “Nikki Giovanni. Department of English. Virginia Tech.” I longed to open the envelope but dared not in fear that I’d tear the sticker she had so neatly placed.

For those who don’t know, Nikki Giovanni is my absolute hero. She’s my wonder woman, my Mother Teresa. She is the reason I became a writer. Truly. I distinctly remember being eleven years old and reading her poem “Black Power”. My spirit filled with pride and I felt an urgency to do something powerful. Meaningful.  My heart was touched after reading “How Do You Write A Poem” . I’m still amazed that someone could describe love so  accurately.

So, when I became a published author, Nikki Giovanni is the first person I wanted to tell. It was like she was my life-long teacher and I had finally passed the test, accomplished something good. I wanted her to be proud. So I mailed her my book. And she wrote me back within days calling The Miseducation of Ms. G “strong and wonderful”. I framed that letter and have it hanging in my writing space.

Two years later, with the publication of my first children’s book, I went to Nikki again for consolation. I sent Poppy and the Play Date off to her and waited for a response. A week passed and nothing. I conjured up all kinds of conspiracy theories. My mailman is stealing my mail, flooding in Virginia has caused a delay in her response, a tornado, a monsoon….

Finally, the oddly shaped letter came and I was terrified to open it. Maybe she hated my book. Maybe the letter said, “Your book sucks!” Maybe. But I’d never know until I opened the envelope.

I was careful to keep the sticker with her name on it intact. I pulled the card out and read:

“Dear Ms. Grant, Poppy and the Play Date is delightful. Wishing you the very best. Nikki Giovanni.”

I can’t even describe how thrilled I am to have received this note from such an author. She is amazing. And she took the time to read my book and send me a response. I felt validated. I felt like my professor was proud of me. I passed the test. I did something good.

Thank you, Nikki.

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Get UNorganized

Wednesday Writing Tip ~ Get UNorganized

Throw your plan out the window! Really. Forget about it. Tear it into little pieces. Toss it in the sea of forgetfullness. There is truly no cookie-cutter way to write. And while I try my very best to be organized by keeping a journal, maintaining a clean writing space and using all sorts of outlines and writing tools, I find that sometimes, none of that stuff works.

Authors write every day. So, there are some methods that work on Monday, but fail on Tuesday. And the thing that gets you inspired on Wednesday, gives you a case of the doldrums on Thursday.

It’s all a big game of trial and error until you find what really works for YOUR writing style. So, if being super organized works for you, and using an outline, diagram or structured format is helpful then, by all means, go for it.

But if you find that these things are not supplying you with the needed inspiration or motivation, then scrap all of it and get UNorganized. Your inspiration is waiting……

Wednesday Writing Tip- Get Organized!

Wednesday Writing Tip- Get Organized!

Purchasing stock in sticky notes would be beneficial to me! There was a time when I’d carry around a pack of sticky notes to jot down my story ideas or new words I came across. By the end of the day, I’d have far too many yellow squares stuck to my wall or desk. It would be a jumbled mess.

This disorganization only led to frustration and lack of focus. I soon accepted the fact that I had to get organized if I wanted to be a successful writer. Here are two methods I tried:

  1. I created an outline for my writing. This made my writing time more effective. With an outline, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my writing. I didn’t waste time on ideas that weren’t related to my work. I was able to streamline my notes and put them in a more meaningful, sequential order. So, by the end of my writing session, I had created a great piece of writing.
  2. I made a diagram. Diagrams are useful because they give you a visual image of the setting of your story. A diagram allows you the freedom to imagine even the most minute details of your script. Having an image on paper will add more fuel to your linguistic fire.

Whatever organizational method you choose, have a plan in place and stick to it…at least for a few weeks. If one method doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try another method. Just as you would edit your writing, you should edit your organizational style to suit your needs. Let me know how it works out for you.

Happy writing, my friends!

Wednesday Writing Tip- Set a Daily Word Count

Wednesday Writing Tip- Set a Daily Word Count

Setting a daily word count can help you stay organized. If you know what your end result should be, you’re better equip to stay focused on your writing.

While working on my books I set a minimum word count each day. This was a great way to stay disciplined. Instead of allowing distractions like TV or Facebook get the best of me, I was able to meet my writing goals.

Your daily word count can vary. I find that during the week, I’m able to be more productive than on the weekends. So, my word count goals are usually higher Mondays through Fridays.

Moreover, your daily word count can be as simple as 100 words or an aggressive 5,000 words. It depends on what stage of the writing process you are in and other life challenges that may be affecting you (it’s incredibly difficult to conquer a 10,000 word count goal if you’ve been up all night with a sick baby).

Have mercy on yourself and be flexible. There is no true rhyme or reason to writing a book. Be confident in your abilities and do what works for you.

Happy writing!

Wednesday Writing Tip – Expand Your Audience

Wednesday Writing Tip – Expand Your Audience

The world is certainly not a cookie cutter. Everyone has their own unique set of characteristics and gifts. While I can learn from writers who share my writing style. I can also learn from writers unlike myself. It's these writers that push us out of our comfort zones and give us the courage to try something different, new, unthinkable.

As a writer, you want to expand your audience and give your current readers a fresh perspective...give them something that will raise their eyebrow and cause them to see the world in a different light. You can only do that by incorporating techniques found in other genre's of writing.

My book, The Miseducation of Ms. G, is heavily influenced by poetry. And Brooklyn, my third novel, is a work of fiction; but has strong autobiographical elements enclosed.

One of my favorite writers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has four published books. Those works include a collection of short stories an historical fiction novel. I am sure she had to study many works of non-fiction in order to complete Half of a Yellow Sun. 

And then there's James Patterson. On a recent shopping trip to Barnes and Noble, I stood in awe as I looked around at all the James Patterson books lining the shelves. There were even two or three display tables showcasing his work! Patterson has written thrillers, mysteries, non-fiction and romance books. And now, he's added a fantastic list of  children's books (which my children happen to LOVE) to his repertoire.

Take a chance on your writing, folks. Don't be afraid to step outside of  your comfort zone. Your readers, old and new, will love it!

Jumpstart Your Writing

Jumpstart Your Writing

Let’s just say…for the sake of this blog post that Shonda Rhimes called you in need of an immediate contribution to her next TV show. Or Harper Collins sent an email asking for a writing sample to include in their next publication. Would you have something to send them?

Don’t think these ideas are far fetched. Believe me. I almost fell on the floor when I got a letter from Nikki Giovanni describing my book as “strong writing”. And I’m still heart broken over the time I received an email from a best selling author requesting my contribution to her next collection (which I never sent in because…I suck sometimes).

My point is….if you consider yourself a writer. Why aren’t you writing? I meet throngs of people who tell me they’ve always wanted to write a book. But they don’t have a sample of their writing to show me.

If you consider yourself a writer then….you must write. And write often. You should have at the very least a working draft, completed short story or collection of 20-30 poems in your arsenal.

Chris Abani once interviewed Kwame Dawes and Colin Channer. In that interview, Abani told the story of a time when he needed submissions for his publishing company. He states that he called Dawes in hopes that Dawes would send over a manuscript to be published. Dawes responded, “I’ll send 4. You choose one.”

This statement taught me a valuable yet simple lesson. A writer must write, not just dream about writing, not just jot ideas down on post it notes. But have completed works ready for publication.

So, again I ask, what are you working on?

Wednesday Writing Tip- Study Authors In Your Genre

Wednesday Writing Tip- Study Authors In Your Genre

Are you a poet? Then you should be reading Pablo Naruda, Nikki Giovanni, Robert Frost, Shakespeare. Do you write young adult fiction? You should read John Green, Lysa Divine, and Ransom Riggs.

If you want to play the game, you MUST study your competition. But you’re not studying your competition to win a race. You study them to improve your own writing.

There is no shortage of great writers who have experienced success. So, if you want to perfect your craft and expand your audience, you must read authors who write in your genre.

What are they doing well? How do they market themselves? What does their website and social media pages look like?

I can’t tell you how often I peruse authors’ websites. Of course, I visit these webpages to get information about their books. But I also go to view their landing pages, read their “about me” sections, and discover how active they are on Twitter.

Reading kindred authors can teach you so much about yourself as a writer. It will help you refine your likes and dislikes, sharpen your skill set and expand your creativity.

So, let’s get started! Create a list of authors in your genre and head to the library!

Happy reading!

Wednesday Writing Tip- Make a Writing Schedule

Wednesday Writing Tip- Make a Writing Schedule

writing scheduleWriting can be difficult. There are times when the words simply poor from my mind onto the paper. And there are other times, when I can’t compose a coherent sentence. It can be difficult to get your brain juices flowing. So, we have to “train our brain” to write.

One way to train your brain is to write at the same time every day. Developing a writing schedule is similar to teaching a baby to nap, or creating a night time routine for a child.

Becoming more scheduled throughout your day will signal your brain when it’s time to do a certain thing.

What works best for you? Is it possible for you to carve out an extra 30 minutes in the morning before your family wakes up? Or maybe it’s better if you try to write after breakfast, when you are wide awake and nourished. Or, that thirty minute train commute you have each day is a perfect time to write.

Think about making small changes to your day that will open up a bit of extra time to write. All of us can spend less time on social media. So, use the time you spend scrolling through Facebook to compose a few paragraphs.

Keeping a daily writing schedule will trigger your brain to dump all of those ideas you’ve been holding in. And before you know it, your work count will soar!

My New Children’s Book

My New Children’s Book

Poppy and the Play DateToday is an incredible day. It is the culmination of two years of planning, hoping for, working on, and strategizing a dream. Let me give you a brief back story…..

In September 2014 my children and I sat at our dining room table completing their homework assignments. I looked up from my computer and said to them, “Yall, I want to write a children’s book.” They didn’t pay much attention to me because they’ve become accustomed to their mother having grandiose ideas and creating goals myself.

I continued, “What can the book be about?” This question opened the flood gates of their minds and by the end of the night, we had the skeleton for what would turn out to be a full blown children’s book.

I knew in that moment that this story had to be published. Its publication wouldn’t be for my benefit, but for theirs. I wanted to show my children how an inkling of an idea can turn into something real.

So, two years later, after much thinking, planning and organizing I now have a tangible product as an example to my children that they can, indeed, do anything they set their minds to.

This book brings me an incredible amount of pride and satisfaction. I hope it serves as an inspiration to all the little children sitting criss cross apple sauce on their classroom carpets listening to their teachers read. I hope that this book make a child’s night time routine a little calmer. I hope this book makes you smile.

Happy reading, friends.

Tattoos Over Tiaras

Tattoos Over Tiaras

When you’re nineteen you often do irrational things. I was no different. One Saturday, my friends and I decided to hop in a borrowed vehicle and travel to Augusta, Georgia, to get tattoos. Because I had recently taken a vacation to Disney World, I figured a Mickey Mouse tattoo would be fitting. A big, red and black Mickey Mouse tattoo…on my leg.

I sat in a chair in the center of a dirty, smelly tattoo parlor and allowed a 300 lb 6’5″ man named “Preacher” with an astronomically long beard ink the cartoon character into my leg.

So yeah, nineteen year olds often do irrational things.

Twenty years later, I found myself back in a tattoo parlor. Unlike the first time, this shop was pristine, beautifully decorated and smelled heavenly. I felt so at home in Only You Tattoo.

To celebrate my 40th birthday I decided to ink the beloved palmetto tree, a symbol of my home state and title of my first book, into my arm.

I was excited and nervous – excited because I was actually following through with plans I had been making for a year. And nervous because I don’t like pain. But I knew it would hurt.

From start to finish the tattoo took about 40 minutes. Jake, my tattoo artist, was amazing. He worked quickly and calmed me while I  cried like a baby fought back tears.

Now I’m considering my next tattoo because once you get inked, there’s no turning back!

Wednesday Writing Tip- Keep a Journal

Wednesday Writing Tip- Keep a Journal
Image provided by Target.com

Image provided by Target.com

Document your thoughts. It’s a must! Many writers have a million thoughts running around in their heads at the same time. And if you’re like me, those thoughts go into overdrive at night, when everything is quiet and you’re trying to go to sleep.

In years past, I’d come up with some amazing story lines just as I was about to drift off into sleep. I’d tell myself ‘first thing in the morning, I’m going to write this down’. And what happens? First thing the next morning, my mind is blank. free. clear. empty. All of those beautiful, precious, thoughts had disappeared into oblivion.

These days, I’ve become accustomed to carrying a small journal with me in order to preserve those ideas. As a matter of fact, I have many journals strewn about my home, car, and work space. When an idea comes to me, I quickly write it down in one of my journals.

Once I sit down at my writing desk, I review what I’ve written. Only then am I able to organize those thoughts and create meaningful content for my blog post or manuscript.

Maintaining a journal or notebook is a great way to keep your thoughts in one centralized place until you are ready to give your ideas the time they deserve.

That Time I Turned 40

That Time I Turned 40

Krystal Grant's 40th birthday shoot 4It’s mind blowing when you realize how many things you don’t know. Up until a few months ago, I thought myself to be pretty mature, sensible and knowledgeable.

Then I turned 40 and a switch turned on in my life; like I entered a secret society for women over a certain age; like I joined a ‘wise ones’ club. I soon realized that prior to my 40th birthday, I didn’t know much of anything.

Boldness came over me and I developed a no nonsense kind of attitude. I settled into myself and pushed fear further away. It’s quite nice, actually. I’ve learned to be free, unapologetic and proud. If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, that’s OK too.

So, cheers to the ‘Forty And Over’ club. I’m a fearless member, and proud of it!

Wednesday Writing Tip-Create a Writing Space

Wednesday Writing Tip-Create a Writing Space

writing deskFor years I sat on my bed with my laptop carefully centered on a few pillows pounding away at the keys.

This was not the most comfortable space to complete an award-winning novel. Nor was it the most practical.

About two years ago (after watching an HGTV marathon) I decided to give my writing a dedicated space in my home.

It didn’t take much money, just a few creative decorating ideas, and VOILA! I had a fancy, new writing space all my own.

There are many advantages to having a dedicated writing space.

1) When you’re in your space, you give yourself an allotted time to focus on your craft. 

2)  You won’t be easily swayed by distractions like the TV or phone conversations.

3) You will be comfortable in your space and surrounded by things that inspire your creativity.

4) Your family will grow accustomed to your  new area and learn not to disrupt you while you are working there.

For a peek inside my writing space click below….


Prince, My Momma, and Death

Prince, My Momma, and Death


Throughout my life I’ve been able to perfectly express my feelings through poetry, short stories, and novels. If you want to get to know me, the only true way to do so is to read what I write. So, after days of absorbing the news about the death of music legend, Prince, I am finally able to express my feelings.

Since my mother died I’ve developed this very strange relationship with death. It’s like the cousin you don’t particularly like, but since he’s your cousin you tolerate him.

When I read the report of Prince passing (8 minutes after blogger B.Scott posted it) I gasped for air. I immediately went to Prince’sInstagramm page to check his last post, it was 4 days prior. I checked other news sources trying to confirm the information. Within minutes, I learned that it was true. Prince was dead.

My brain then went to that same desert it lived in when my mother died. That dry, deserted, unbearable, lonely, lifeless place where I am “in” the world but unable to “experience” the world. The place where I question everything I thought I knew and try to make sense of God, Heaven, Hell. The place where I become a walking zombie; a robot, moving through life but not fully engaged in living.

My writing ceased as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that one of the greatest artists alive was no longer. Damn, Prince.

After three days of meditation on this, I still haven’t come to terms with it. My mourning encompasses much more than sadness over Prince’s death. I’m mourning the possibility of me not living my greatest life. I often fear that my mother, though she had an amazing hold on all who knew her, did not experience the totality of God’s plan for her. I strive to avoid that. I’ve come to a place now where I am chasing God, running after Him and all he has for me. I don’t want my living to be in vain.

Over the past few years, I’ve meditated on these questions: What exactly is death and what does it mean to die? What type of impact will I have? What emotions will my death stir in people when they reflect on my life? Will I make a difference? What does God have for me?

I haven’t found the answers yet. But I certainly aim to live a purpose-driven life. I pray that you do the same.

Rest in peace, Prince. Your life certainly mattered to me.

Alvin Ailey Ballet

Alvin Ailey Ballet

Each year around Valentine’s Day the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta hosts Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. It is such an amazing show! Each time I visit this ballet I am amazed at the skill and showmanship of its dancers.

This year was no different. The artisans thrilled the audience with their theatrics. The stories told by the ballerinas were breathtaking. I held back tears as I watched them move across the stage with ease and fortitude.

Luckily, my daughter had the opportunity to come to the show with me. She was just as excited as I was by the performance. It is certainly a show you don’t want to miss.

For more information on the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s performance dates click here. 

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What Do You Believe?

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What Do You Believe?

The thing that is holding me back…still….is my belief in myself. I find it incredibly difficult to think of myself as an entrepreneur, although I own a publishing imprint, am a three-time author, and owner of a handcrafted- bedding supply company. Still, I find it difficult to believe I can do more.

I watched a Periscope video a few days ago where this woman repeatedly referred to herself as a “business owner”. She discussed her goal of making a six figure yearly income. And while she didn’t reach that goal, she stated that she “came close”.

I had to sit with that idea for several hours. I was amazed that this person whom I knew…had started three separate businesses, launched a yearly conference, was a wife and mother, and was able to seriously support herself by doing what she loved. She’s not famous, she’s not a super woman, she’s not sitting on a trust fund. She’s a woman, just like me who has an amazing amount of creativity. But the difference between us is her incredible belief in her abilities to do something great.

I admit, it’s hard for me to think that way about myself. I mean, I know I’m a badass. I’ve witnessed time and time again how I can turn nothing into something. God continually blesses me with these amazing ideas that somehow come to fruition. But it kind of stops there. I get caught up in the “who do you think you are?” I allow the fear of success to hold me back.

When will all this end? Am I destined to go through life questioning myself? Will I always be mediocre? Will my talents fall by the wayside because of my fear? I seriously have to figure out how I can overcome my mind and begin listening to my heart. I don’t want to live a wasted life.



butterflyA writer. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. Since I was a child I’ve dreamt of seeing my name on the front cover of a book….seeing my books lining the shelves of a bookstore.

Three years after releasing Under The Palmetto Tree I’m still in awe that I’m a published author. Like, for real. I have not one, not two, but THREE books published.

And guess what! I will publish another one this year. But that’s not all. I’m working on a manuscript for ANOTHER book that will be released in 2017. Yeah, I’m kinda a ‘bawse’ chick.

So, I can’t explain why it is that I haven’t sat down to write anything substantial in over three months. Not since November 16, 2015 have I added any words to my working manuscript.

This really confuses me because I was doing so well with it. I was 20,000 words in and the story was flowing. I was excited to get up every day and add to my character’s lives. Then came the holidays, and sewing…YES, sewing.

I’ve become a bit addicted to it. And somewhere (really out of nowhere) the idea of Kozy Kase emerged and threw my writing totally off track.

Now, I have this totally  new blog, new business concept, and new “thing” that has taken me off my writing course and thrown me into the abyss of crafting.

I don’t really understand it. And I feel terrible that I haven’t been committed to my writing. But a friend of mine made me realize that it’s OK to refocus, redirect and reinvent yourself. So I wrote this:

Give yourself permission to change, Krystal. Rediscovery is part of maturity.

So, if you guys find that I’ve turned up missing from THIS blog, I’m sure you can find me if you click here.

Until next time…….

Thinking About Sending a Manuscript?

Thinking About Sending a Manuscript?

first draftSince becoming a published author I’ve been contacted by aspiring writers who are hoping to get feedback on their manuscripts. Editing can be a painstaking task. It is truly the bane of my existence. I don’t like doing it for myself, and I don’t like doing it for others.

But, if you ARE going to send a manuscript off for critique there are a few basic principals you should follow to make the reader’s job easier. So, here are some tips that I’ve found useful…

  1. All documents should be double spaced, left justified with 1 inch margins. It is incredibly difficult to read something that is single spaced. Also, use Times New Roman font. Always.
  2. When writing it’s not necessary to tell the reader every. single. detail. Give them a chance to develop their own imaginations about your story. Each action does not deserve a sentence.
  3. Editing can often times take longer to complete than writing the book. And you are never REALLY finished editing. It is a process You can edit a document a thousand times and still find something to improve upon. So, look at editing as a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. There is a difference between editing and revising. A big difference.
  5. Read as many books as you can in a wide variety of genres. Read. Read. Read.

I hope this bit of information has helped. Is there anything I left off the list? Let me know in the comments!

God-Centered Goals For The New Year

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God-Centered Goals For The New Year

Happy new year, folks! 2016 is up and running. I’m sure many of you have resolved to be better, do better, live better. I, too, have made plans for this new season.

And while I stay away from New Year’s resolutions, I certainly have a list of goals I want to achieve. It’s stuck on a cork board right next to my writing desk- highly visible. My list of 2016 goals was created a few months ago as I anticipated the end of the year.

After pondering how I would conquer my goals I decided to scrap the entire thing. Yes, I quit before I even got started. Something didn’t sit well with me as I read through my list. I decided right then and there to stop focusing on what I want and start focusing on what God intended for my life.

Because, really, there’s no point in making plans without God’s input. So, my focus has shifted a bit. Now, I’m spending more time being thankful for what I have and seeking God’s direction as I move forward.

Cheers to an awesome, God-centered new year!

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My Thoughts on Turning 40

My Thoughts on Turning 40

turning 40In exactly six months I will celebrate my 40th birthday. This time, 10 years ago, I was distraught about the inevitability of turning 30.

To me, it was the end of my playful, adult-like youth, and the true sign that it was time for me to start behaving like a mature grown up (I still haven’t quite grappled that mature grown up thing yet). I vividly recall being depressed for months leading up to my 30th birthday.

 Looking back, it all seems incredibly silly. At thirty, I was still ‘wet behind the ears” with a gazillion things I needed to learn about myself and the world.

  Now, with 40 staring me directly in the face, I am overjoyed at approaching this milestone in my life. The past few years have been ones of introspection for me. I’ve spent large portions of time reflecting on my life, who I am as a writer, wife, mother….the friends I have, the decisions I’ve made and what my future holds.

 I’ve found a way to settle into my newly- rediscovered self. And I certainly spend less time mulling over pithy situations that have no bearing on my destiny. I’ve decided not to apologize for who I am anymore.
 This is certainly a new and exhilarating chapter in my life. My prospects are limitless and I feel as though I have boundless energy. Although I have no idea where this new phase will lead I’m ready!
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9 Must Haves For A Book Signing

9 Must Haves For A Book Signing

Krystal Grant booksRecently, I attended a book event with nearly 50 authors. It was interesting to be in a place filled with so many like-minded people.  I enjoyed meeting new writers and discussing the publishing industry with the.  I even collected a pile of marketing paraphernalia from each table I visited.

And even though I was not one of the showcased authors (I attended as a mere guest) I couldn't help but reflect on the event and compare it with my own book events.  So, I've compiled a list of MY must have items for any book event, book signing, book launch, etc. that I'm a part of.

  1. A "covered' table. Oftentimes, the organizers of the event will provide some type of cloth covering. But I'm always prepared with one just in case.  My coverings usually come from a party supply store.  I use a plastic table skirt that can adhere to the edges of the table I'm using.
  2. Signage. I have a fantastic sign guy that always produces high-quality signs/posters for me.  Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose, make sure it's highly mobile.  My signs usually sit on a tripod beside my table.
  3. Mobile phone and camera. IN this day and age, a camera is a must.  You ALWAYS want to have  photographs of your events.  This will serve as great promotional material  A phone is necessary because you want to be able to post those pictures to your social media channels.  *It is also incredibly helpful if your fans would take pics of them at your event and post them to their social media friends.Also, create a hashtag for your event. Ex: #KrystalGrantBooks  Krystal Grant books
  4. An electronic payment device and cashbox. Nobody writes checks anymore and people seldom carry cash.  But EVERYONE has a debit card on them.  So...if you want to make money, you MUST have a square, PayPal reader or other forms of electronic payment devices.  And for those few people who will carry cash, be sure to have a cash box to hold the money AND be able to provide them with change if needed.
  5. Sharpie markers.  As a writer, you should always want your autograph to look professional and you want it o last.  As a rule, I only sign my books with a black Sharpie marker.  Always. (But there is an author I k now who signs her books with a pink Sharpie. I may start doing that. LOL)
  6. Bookmarks and book stands. I don't use business cards. For my marketing purposes, I have bookmarks.  They are functional and effective.  Bookmarks market your work long after a book event is over.  I also use a small book stands at my table. These can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, WalMart or Michaels. I do not stack my books on a table. Passers-by have an easier way to view my product when the books are standing upright.Krystal Grant books
  7. Post-It Notes. These are useful if there is a large crowd and a long line at your event. You don't want to ask every single person to spell their name. So, your assistant can get each person in line to legibly write his name on a Post-It Note and stick it to the inside of the book they've purchased. This moves the line along quickly and prevents any misspellings.
  8. A sign-up sheet. you have fans. They love your work and want to read more of it. Create an e mail list so your readers can receive your newsletter (You DO send out a regular newsletter, don't you?)
  9. Breath mints and water bottles. It's a long event. You're talking to lots of people. PLEASE have mints as not to offend anyone. No gum is allowed. It's unprofessional and not good for pictures.Krystal Grant books

**Regardless of the type of event you are participating in, it would be great if you had two assistants 1)Someone to take pics and  post to your social media 2) Someone to collect money. You should not collect any money at your own event. Focus on meeting your fans and signing books.

If you found this post helpful be sure to like it and share it over your social media channels. Did I forget anything? Add your own must-haves in the comments below!

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Center For Puppetry Arts

Center For Puppetry Arts

Center for Puppetry ArtsMore than likely, all of us have touching stories about the impact that Sesame Street had on our childhood. I vividly remember sitting in front of my TV singing along with Bert and Ernie, learning my numbers with The Count, and laughing at Oscar The Grouch as he argued with his neighbors.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to Center For Puppetry Arts this past weekend. Just in time for Christmas, the media got a chance to see the Center’s presentation of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. It was wonderful to sit in the audience and be taken back to my childhood with this awesome puppet show.

Center for Puppetry Arts

After the show, we were escorted into the newly opened World of Puppetry Museum. I was immediately whisked away to 1982 (when I was 6 years old). I literally shed tears as I stood beside my beloved Bert and Ernie, as Bert displayed his bottle cap collection. Rolf The Dog was there, Grover, Kermit, Fozzie…EVERYBODY!

Center for Puppetry Arts

All of my childhood friends were right there in the same room with me, live and in color! It was too much for me to handle. Admittedly, a few other visitors stared at me as I wiped tears from my eyes but I didn’t care.

center for puppetry arts

The museum gives  a first-hand account of Jim Henson’s creative process. Guests of the theater are privy to original sketches, notes and puppets used in various Henson productions.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Not only does World of Puppetry Museum display Jim Henson’s work, it also has an amazing array of puppets from around the world. It was interesting to see creativity from other countries. Once you visit, you’ll be able to read about the history of certain puppets and how puppet-making is influenced by cultural beliefs and traditions.

center for puppetry arts

World of Puppetry Museum proves to be an exciting experience. Children (of all ages – big and small) will love all that Center for Puppetry Arts has to offer. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer will show from now until December 27, 2015. For ticket information to the shows and the World of Puppetry Museum click here.

*This is a sponsored post.

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The Lazy Christian

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The Lazy Christian

God's pathOften times I feel like my life is wasteful. I get caught up in the notion that I’m not pleasing God. It’s difficult to think that there’s some void I’m not filling, some thing I should be doing, some path God wants me on.

A few months ago I began reading The Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren designed the book to be read one chapter per day. But each section of the book is so heavy, so filled with valuable, life-changing information that it takes me weeks to get through one chapter. I have to sit and reread each part. Then spend days meditating on what I’ve learned.

It’s overwhelming to believe that my little self can make such a difference in this massive universe. But there is a plan. And it was thought out long before I was born.

I can’t be a lazy Christian anymore. God can’t be an after thought in my life. My prayer is that I grow and mature in the knowledge of God and become all that he aims for me to be.

Loving my neighbor, serving humanity, showing kindness and patients, sacrificing myself for a greater good.

I believe you, Lord. And I surrender all.

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What Does Your Faith Look Like?

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What Does Your Faith Look Like?


faithOne morning, when I was running incredibly late and the traffic was terribly backed up I prayed to God to clear the roadways and allow me to make it to my destination on time. I should mention that this is a daily occurrence.

The traffic always looks bad and I usually leave my house late. I pray about it and somehow I always make it to my destination on time. On this day, in the middle of honking my horn at the drivers in front of me to get out of my way, a voice whispered in my ear and said “What does your faith look like?”

I got a little sad because I realized in that moment that I require so much of God. I demand that He prove himself to me over and over again, every single day. I imagine it must be exhausting for Him (not that He ever get’s tired). Without fail, I make it to my destination on time. But every single day, I require him to prove that he can clear the streets for me. And I doubt him every. single. day. For real, I doubt him every single day.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, getting somewhere on time isn’t a BIG miracle. I’m not asking God to cure any life-threatening disease, But the Bible says “make your petition known“. And every day, my petition is to get where I’m going on time (because- if you haven’t guessed, I have difficulty managing my morning routine).

So, I pray every day, about the same thing. And God grant’s my prayer, every time- even though I doubt him.

My lesson in all of this is I’ve spent too much time focused on the problem before me (i.e. the traffic) instead of the One who Created me. I can’t believe God’s favor because what I “see” is a pile of traffic that is standing in my way.

I need to check my faith. I can’t doubt God and be a believer at the same time.

What does your faith look like? Stop focusing on the problems in front of you and focus on the One who created you.

Have a faithful day!

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