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my fall weather

Another Sinus Infection

My head is pounding. Thump. Thump. Thump. It’s been this way for nearly a week. I have serious sinus pressure and congestion. The drainage in my nasal cavities had gotten so bad that I awoke last night to a horrible, uncontrollable cough. I could barely breathe. And I woke up my entire household.

My cough is so bad that on my way to the grocery store  I  got strangled by the mucus buildup and had to stop on the side of the road just to catch my breath. Ain’t that nasty? But you get the point. I’m sick.

I thought getting my flu shot would save me from all this cold weather sickness. I guess I was wrong.

I went to the doctor and was informed by the receptionist that there is only one physician on duty and there were four patients waiting to be seen before me. She suggested that I come back tomorrow if it wasn’t an emergency.

So, I stocked up on Mucinex, Robitussin, Tylenol Cold and Sinus capsules, and Benadryl. I was also told that putting Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of my feet while I slept would help tremendously. I’m willing to try anything because I feel awful.

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Suze Orman Sucks!

While playing around in Wal Mart one afternoon I stumbled upon an awesomely furry winter hat. It was magical. I modeled the hat around the store and dared not take it off for fear that someone would snatch it out of my hands and purchase it before I got a chance to carry it to the register.

But because I’m trying to maintain more financial restraint due to a workshop that I attended with Suze Orman a few weeks ago, I left the hat in the store.

Then, while shopping in Target recently my eyes detected this beauty…..


I think it’s fabulous. I wanted so badly to buy the hat…but again, I’m practicing financial restraint.

What should I do? Should I let these beautiful hats go unpurchased? Should I allow some stranger to take MY hats home with THEM instead of bringing the hats to my house?

 I love these hats. I can’t stop thinking about them. I just can’t.

I’m sure Suze Orman will understand if I make this one, small, teeny tiny purchase. I won’t splurge ever again. Ever.

A Day At The Allergist

$110.00. That’s how much I spent at the pharmacy this weekend. The past few days did not turn out the way I expected. My daughter had a scheduled doctor’s appointment. She had not visited her allergist since she was 2 1/2 years old. That’s when we found out she was allergic to every type of seafood ever created. She has steered clear of any type of seafood since that time.

But since  last month my baby girl has developed  red rashes all over her body. They were similar to the break outs she got when she was 2 1/2.  So I just knew she had gotten a hold of fish of some sort. Off to the allergist we go early on a Friday morning. Since this was a school holiday I had my other two monkeys in tow.

My boy began to complain of a stomach ache on the way to the doctor. Since he was reading in the car I figured he was suffering from motion sickness. I told him to put his book down and close his eyes ( I’m an expert in motion sickness-I’ve had it for years).

Just as we turn into the doctor’s office parking lot my son released all of his breakfast on the floor of the back seat. DAMMIT! Hash browns, orange juice, bacon EVERYWHERE!

Surprisingly, my son was able to spill the contents of his stomach on every inch of the floor and no where on his shoes, or clothes. I was proud! So proud that we all carefully hopped out of the car and strolled into the allergists office as if nothing had happened.

After a three hour appointment which included two breathing tests  (which confirmed that she has asthma) and a horrific skin test which left my daughter in tears, we find out that she is allergic to the following: lobster, crab, cod, salmon, shrimp, clam and tuna, cockroaches, mites, dogs, cats, red oak, willow, hickory, red birch, red maple red cedar, elm, sycamore, bahla, bermuda, timothy, fescue, johnson, june, GT ragweed, Sh Ragweed and mold. Whew! That’s a long ass list isn’t it?

Thus, I go home and clean my entire house from top to bottom. I dusted like never before. I wanted to ensure that my house did not contain anything that would make her  have trouble breathing. This cleaning took a total of 2 1/2 days. After I took a few hours to rest my aching back I trodded over to the pharmacist to retrieve my girls Epi Pens, asthma pumps, and nasal sprays.

When the pharmacist gave me my total I was almost in tears, not only because the medicines cost over $100 but because that total did NOT include the cost of her allergy shots that she would have to get once a month over the next 4 years! Why is this my life?

 Do you have experience with food or environmental allergies? How do you cope?


Wal Mart Silliness

The weather in Atlanta is getting a little chilly. Each morning this week we’ve awakened to temperatures in the 30’s. So, off to Wal-Mart my kids and I went to purchase some much-needed hats and jackets. Somehow, we got a little unfocused. I’m not sure if it was hunger, thirs,t or just down right silliness that had us behaving in such a way. But here’s how our shopping trip went…..

Cold as a Polar Bear’s Nose!

It is freezing! I expect this kind of weather in New England or North Dakota. But in the deep south it should be warm up through Thanksgiving. There is a serious freeze warning where we are. My little toes are ice cold. And my monkeys have been wearing hats and coats for a full 2 weeks. I was so unprepared for this weather. I had to rush out and buy them undershirts and gloves. Mr. Incredible has put extra blankets on the beds and I’ve loaded the cabinets with cold medicine. All the monkeys got their flu shots and we stay inside as much as we can. I have to start waking up a few minutes early so I can have time to warm up the truck in the mornings. Fall is usually my favorite time of year, but it seems that Mother Nature has totally skipped over fall and headed straight into winter.

It now takes us 30 minutes to prepare to leave the house. Once we put on two pairs of socks, jackets, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, I’ve completely forgotten why we were leaving the house to begin with.

Long gone are the fabulous days of summer where we spent hours outside playing hop scotch, riding bikes, playing baseball, killing bugs, running from bees and enjoying the sun. So, in a last ditch effort to save the warm weather, I’m posting these memories of Summer 2009!