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Another Sinus Infection

My head is pounding. Thump. Thump. Thump. It’s been this way for nearly a week. I have serious sinus pressure and congestion. The drainage in my nasal cavities had gotten so bad that I awoke last night to a horrible, uncontrollable … Continue reading

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Suze Orman Sucks!

While playing around in Wal Mart one afternoon I stumbled upon an awesomely furry winter hat. It was magical. I modeled the hat around the store and dared not take it off for fear that someone would snatch it out of … Continue reading


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A Day At The Allergist

$110.00. That’s how much I spent at the pharmacy this weekend. The past few days did not turn out the way I expected. My daughter had a scheduled doctor’s appointment. She had not visited her allergist since she was 2 1/2 … Continue reading


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Wal Mart Silliness

The weather in Atlanta is getting a little chilly. Each morning this week we’ve awakened to temperatures in the 30’s. So, off to Wal-Mart my kids and I went to purchase some much-needed hats and jackets. Somehow, we got a … Continue reading

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Cold as a Polar Bear’s Nose!

It is freezing! I expect this kind of weather in New England or North Dakota. But in the deep south it should be warm up through Thanksgiving. There is a serious freeze warning where we are. My little toes are … Continue reading

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