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Call Me Mrs. Bindergarten

There are several things I said I’d NEVER do in my life. 1) Bungee jump 2) swim with sharks 3) sky dive 4) teach kindergarten

Numbers one through three I’ve managed to keep away from. But somehow, some way, I’ve stumbled upon number 4. Yes, I’m a kindergarten teacher. Just call me “Mrs. Bindergarten”.

On my first day of school I was exhausted by the time the clock struck 9:00 am! I knew being a kindergarten teacher required energy. I just had no idea it required me to run like an energizer bunny.

I purchased a new pair of sneakers complete with insoles. This was a necessity as I’d come home in the afternoons with swollen ankles and aching heels.

There is so much lifting, bending, squatting, hand holding, crying and encouraging required in this new position I barely find time to teach. But I guess that’s the nature of the job.

It has definitely been an adjustment. And I’m not sure I’ve acclimated to this new lane in which I’m driving. But each day, I’m trying my best not to crash and burn in front of this group of 20 five-year-olds.

I suffered a terrible fall in class a few days ago that left me shell shocked with a bad back and a limp that lasted a day or two. Other than that it’s been an uneventful start to a new year.

It’s not easy hearing children call you “momma” that you didn’t give birth to. But it’s definitely nice to have a child look up at you and smile for no reason.

Just call me, Mrs. Bindergarten!


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We Fall Down, But We Get Up

I slipped on a bed sheet then slid across the room in a complete spread eagle. I tried to break my fall but ended up pounding my backside and wrist into the floor. It hurt like hell. The pain moved from my butt, through my spine and into my neck.

It was an unbelievable pain. I closed my eyes and waited for the ache to subside- legs still spread eagle. After a few seconds, the pain in my back went away, but it took a few minutes for my wrist to stop throbbing. I sloppily raised myself up from the floor. I was a little stiff, but had work to do. So I continued my labor.

How stupid of me. I didn’t notify anyone of the fall. And even an hour later, after my back tightened and I was unable to walk upright I continued to work. I went  home in complete distress, helped my kids with homework, made dinner, gave them baths and put them to bed- as if nothing was wrong.  I eventually crawed into bed and tried to pray the agony away.

Now twenty-four hours later, I’m able to walk upright and move around, but there’s a discomfort in my lower back that won’t go away. And the pain in my wrist has spread to my elbow. I’m sure something’s wrong. But I probably won’t go to a doctor, or tell anyone that I fell.


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Time For Change

I’m normally a “go with the flow” kind of girl. But I am about to experience a major life change and I’m not sure how to handle it.

My life was moving along a particular path that I wasn’t not happy with. A few months ago, everything came to a screeching halt. Well, now I’m moving again but I’ve  had an unexpected change of direction.

I’m quite unsure of things now-a-days but I am so thankful that God is moving in my life and leading me on this new path. My blog posts may be a little inconsistent as I acclimate to my new surroundings; so I hope you’ll be patient.

I’m treading very carefully and remaining calm through all of this as not to get too frazzled. But sometimes, I admit, I cry. Only God knows what the outcome will be. I just pray that he changes my attitude and helps me adjust.

Click  here to find out how this all started.



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The Joy of Teaching

A teacher’s job can be challenging at times. The day to day hustle and bustle of public school will certainly give a teacher stress headaches during the school year. It’s a thankless job, for sure.

I often wonder how my parents spent thirty years each in the profession. I admit, I don’t think I’ll last that long. It’s been twelve years for me and I’m certain my teaching career will come to an end sooner than later.

While I spend most days complaining to my family members, friends, and anyone who’ll listen, about my crazy students I have experienced many joys throughout my career.

Just yesterday, as I was shopping for my children’s school uniforms and supplies, I passed a man that looked vaguely familiar. I couldn’t see him well so I asked my kids a strange question, “Does that man have one arm?” Yes, they replied.

I quickly called the gentleman over to me and asked him various questions. He responded positively and that’s when I knew it was him. It was Jeff, my student.

After I graduated from college I got my first teaching assignment as a language arts teacher at a middle school in South Carolina. I was twenty-two years old.

Among all the 8th graders there was one boy who stood out from the crowd. He was kind, obedient and maintained a positive attitude. He was an avid baseball player and seemed to be very athletic. Jeff was his name. I remember Jeff so well because he was quite popular among his peers.  I also remember Jeff because he was born with one arm.

I’ve thought of him a few times over the years and wondered what became of him. Now I know. Jeff is a baseball coach, still living in South Carolina. He is just as pleasant and kind as he was all those years ago. And guess what…14 years later, he remembers me.

This is the best part of my job. While these moments are few and far between, it’s an absolute joy for a teacher to see her students years later. We remember them as they were and marvel in their lives now.

So, while most days I feel that my teaching is in vain seeing Jeff made me realize that all my hard work does make a difference in the lives of my students.


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Vacation, Here I Come!

Have you noticed? I’m rocking new digs. I spent this past weekend updating my blog. The header has been redesigned. And the background has been replaced. I felt the previous background was kinda drab and boring looking so I lightened it up for the summer. The plaid isn’t so exciting or fancy, but I guess it will do for the next month or so.

The next few days are gonna be crazy busy. I’m wrapping up the last three school days of the year. That involves lots and lots of packing (I resigned from my position so I will not be returning to my classroom for the next school year). I also have exams to give, grades to average and an endless amount of cleaning. It’s a major task. It all seems a little insurmountable.

So, don’t worry about me if I go MIA over the next few days. Just know that for the remainder of the week I’ll be checking off thing on my to-do list. But once this week is over, I’ll be all yours!

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My Blog Traffic Sucks

Last June I started a 30 Days of Blogging Campaign. I challenged myself to post on my blog for thirty straight days. I succeeded. As a matter of fact, I excelled. My 30 days campaign lasted for two and a half  months. That little exercise in blogging really got my writing  juices flowing. And while I have skipped a few days here and there I’ve remained pretty consistent with my posting schedule…..up until last month.

My readers are used to me posting  Monday through Friday (I force myself to take a break on the weekends). And I’ve prided myself on giving you fresh content to read each day. This consistency has proven to be wonderful for my site stats. My blog traffic has increased exponentially.  And I get amazing feedback from my readers. But a few months ago, my life went into a little tail spin. I’m not sure what happened, but I was having major trouble at my job. My stress level sky rocketed and it seemed I couldn’t get back on track.

The posting schedule that you all had become accustomed to fell to the wayside and my blog traffic plummeted. I admit that my blog traffic now  sucks- it sucks bad. I’ve never been big on numbers. I’m truly happy for each person that visits this site, even if that only amounts to 50 people a day. But it certainly makes my spine quiver when I check my stats and I have a major amount of hits.

I haven’t been getting those hits lately. And I know it’s because of my inconsistency with writing. But since my stress level at work has  drastically decreased and my mid-life crisis has dulled for the moment, I’ll be able to jump back on the writing horse and post regularly.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me as I fumble through my life.


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The Social Media Strategist

I’m afraid. I’ve never had an opportunity like this. Having googled the company that called me in for an interview this Friday, I am now panicked. Who told me I could be a social media strategist? Of course, I am just that…. a social media strategist. But I strategize for myself, my blog, my twitter account, my Facebook pages, my various YouTube channels. And I do it with nominal risk. The only one affected if things don’t go quite as planned is me.

And yes, I’m the site manager for MyBlogalicious. But there is minimal risk involved there as well. The people I work with are my friends. I KNOW them; they know me. So I’m comfortable.

But this. This thing I have to do Friday. I have to sell myself. I have to explain my capabilities. I have to be bold and daring. I have to walk into a room, possibly filled with strangers, and convince them that I am brilliant. I have to brandish my brain power-show them what I know.

What do I know? I know that I’m a social media enthusiast. I know that I love connecting with people online. I know that I’m obsessed with blogging. I know that Facebook is an ingenious invention that had found a way to amalgamate the world’s population. I also know that I have a knack for helping people increase their online presence to expand their brand, whether it be a personal brand or professional one.

So, just as a heap of self doubt began to set in concerning this upcoming job interview, I get this message:

“Stop the self-sabotage, ma’am. Immediately. You drew a nerve to apply so be big and bad enough to go get it. The End.”

This made me smile. So, with a deep breath I closed my eyes and began to believe that I could and would get this position. I am a social media strategist. And I can do anything.

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A Broken GPS

This is the moment. I’m standing here at the crossroads. Turning back is no longer an option. And moving forward is scary as hell. There are a million roads ahead of me. I can go this way or that. But my GPS is currently not working so I have no clue which way to turn.

That sounds like a song doesn’t it?  It really isn’t a song. It’s honestly where I am in my life at this very moment. This job…the job I’ve been complaining about for well over a year is coming to an end. In May I’ll pack my work space and shout “bon debarras” to the bullshit.

 I should be happy about it. I am happy.

But I guess I feel like the Freedmen  of 1865…happy as hell that slavery has ended…but wondering “Now what?” “What will I do?”

I’ve been on my metaphorical plantation so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be free. And here I am…finally free, not knowing which way is north.

“What do you do when you have nothing to fall back on? You fly.”


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Self Reflection Sucks

I’ve entered into a phase of self-reflection. And it kinda sucks. I’ve learned a few things about myself in the last few weeks that I’m not sure I’m happy about. Life’s challenges will do that to you…give you greater insight about the person you’ve become. Here’s what I learned:

1)  I am certainly NOT the easiest person to work with! Ha! Why is this a revelation to me? And why did my coworker choose to tell me this in front of a room filled with students? As you can guess I did not handle his assertion very well. Normally, when people say stupid comments to me, I let them slide for fear of confrontation. But sometimes life calls for a little confrontation. So, I put on my big girl panties and had a conversation with my coworker that was long overdue.

2) The first time you curse at me, I retreat. But if you have balls enough to do it a second time, I attack. And attack is what I did when a 16 year old told me to “Shut the f*ck up”. Mind you, this is the same sixteen-year-old that called me a b*tch a few weeks prior. So, with this second offense, I mustered up every piece of profanity that was in my brain and let it spill out of my mouth onto the little disrespectful sixteen-year-old. Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, he will never make the mistake of cursing me again.

3) If you light someone’s hair on fire, it will burn. I  never thought I’d witness someone’s hair being burnt. But certainly, there is a first time for everything. There I was, teaching all there is to know about Greek mythology. Suddenly, there was a shreik. I turn and look behind me to see a cloud of heavy, black smoke surrounding a girl’s head. The boy, who sat beside her was hurriedly stuffing something in his pocket. Yes, it was a lighter. Yes, her hair burned. Yes, it smelled like nothing I had even enhaled before. I was sick. It took me hours to recover from the sight. The girl ended up with a new hairdo. And I may need a therapist.

So that, my dear readers, is the tale of my very exciting week. I pray this week turns out to be much calmer that last. Otherwise, I will soon have to check myself into the nearest psychiatric facility.


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I Graduated. Now What?

My Master’s Degree arrived in the mail. I think I’m happy about that. The last six months of my program were awful. I wasn’t sure I’d graduate. I almost didn’t. I missed the graduation application deadline so I had to go through a long, tedious process of reapplying. Then, two weeks before my graduation date, I find out that I wasn’t eligible for my degree.

Luckily, things were worked out and I did, in fact, graduate. So now what? What does a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership mean for me? I’m not exactly sure. Really, I have absolutely no clue.  People with my degree would normally work in public school administration. But that job isn’t for me.

I desperately want to get out of the classroom. I have no desire to teach anymore. But I don’t want to be a school principal.

Only God knows what’s next. I’ve asked him many times, but he hasn’t told me anything. So, I’ll place my degree in a brand new  frame and hang on the wall in my home office and wait.

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