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Poppy is an energetic four-year-old who hasn't quite learned how to play with others. Join her on this adventure as she tries to make a new friend. 

This is a perfect read-to-me book for ages 3-5. Add quality to your night time routine and encourage your child's love of books with this fun, heart-warming story. (32  pages. Full color illustrations)

Release date: August 16, 2016 . Available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Dr. Brooklyn Knight  has steadily climbed the ladder of success. As a famed author and Spelman College professor, she is adored by her readers and respected by her colleagues. Professionally, she has made all the right moves. Yet, her personal life is not one to be desired. Can she escape an unhealthy relationship or will she be trapped forever?

Released April 14, 2015 Available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com .

Christina Greenley has dedicated her life to her students. She is a dynamic teacher, beloved by her coworkers and committed to her craft. Yet, after Stonedale High School experiences a horrible tragedy her once unwavering commitment is shaken and her passion begins to dwindle. Will Ms. Greenley be able to rise from the ashes? For the sake of her students, we all hope so.

Released March 25, 2014 Available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com .

After years of wandering through life filled with anger and hatred Doctor Clyde Sable has finally come to terms with his feelings of resentment towards his brother. Adam Sable was the cause of it all: the pain, suffering and anguish. Now Doctor Clyde Sable is faced with a choice: reconciliation or revenge.

Under The Palmetto Tree is a collection that delves into the complexities of family and faith. These are stories of the South… stories of tragedy, ancestry and profound religious beliefs. Each tale is connected by the love of God, deep-rooted southern traditions and the palmetto tree.

Released February 21, 2013 Available online at Barnes and Noble  and Amazon.com .