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The Monkeys and Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been quite indecisive lately.  Last weekend, the entire metropolitan area of Atlanta was shut down due to a massive snow storm.  Some areas received up to 5 inches of snow. While our 5 inches pales in comparison to the 22 inches of snow DC received, it was a big deal to the usually searing heat of the South.  My monkeys had a fantastic time shoveling snow from one area of the backyard to the other.  And my daughter laughed hysterically as she plowed down the sliding board head first.

Madison and Collin 2/13/10

my front yard 2/13/10

But this weekend, Mother Nature blessed us with weather well into the 60’s. It was strange to see the sun shining through my windows. The monkeys stood at the back door pleading with me to take them outside.  So, outside we went.

no more snow 2/20/10

my front yard 2/20/10

I’m so confused with these drastic weather changes.  I’m not sure if I should pack up all the undershirts, turtle necks, and sweaters for cooler clothes; or wait for the official start of spring before I break out the short sleeves.

How’s the weather where you live? It still the depths of winter or has spring come a little early?