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A Dream Deferred

I’m watching the movie Inception and thinking about my dreams. Since I was very young I’ve had dreams – dreams that, after a matter of time, turn to reality. For most of my life I’ve thought of it as a simple case of reoccurring De Ja Vu. But in the past few years I’ve realized that it’s much more than that. Far too often I’ve found myself in places that I’ve never been before, yet are familiar to me. There can be an event, a scenario, a conversation, a dwelling, an occurence – and then an unexpected, overwhelming sense of recognition or remembrance takes over me and I try to grab at the dream to put all the pieces together.

Early in 2010 I told an acquaintance of a  dreamed I had about her. I gave her all the details- from beginning to end. She didn’t think much of the dream except to call it “weird”.  A few months later my acquaintance and I found ourselves in the exact scenario from my dream that I had described  to her. I reminded her of our conversation and I was floored at the reality of it all.

Last week, as I sat in my mother’s funeral, a strong sense of recognition came to me. I realized at that moment that I had dreamed it all months before. I sat there remembering my sisters and I all in church with our husbands, and my nieces. I remembered wondering why my mother wasn’t there with us. This was too overwhelming for me, too overwhelming.

I wonder what I’ll dream next.

This is post number 21 of my “30 Day of Blogging” series. Check back tomorrow for more.