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Back From The Beach Blues

We had such a great time at the beach. And it was definately  a much-needed vacation. We got a chance to relax and just hang out with one another. Our 2 month vacation is quickly coming to a close because school begins in less than 3 weeks. That makes me sad. So, to commemorate my summer of 2011 here are a few pics:

On The Beach

Today we begin our annual beach vacation. I’m beyond relieved to rest my feet in the sand and feel the sun on my face. This last week has been stressful, to say the least. So I guess our scheduled vacation came just in time.

I plan to wake up with the sun each morning, sit on the sand and watch the horizon. Watching the sun rise from the water is a beautiful thing. I wanna talk to my momma and tell her things. I’m not sure if I’ve accepted her death yet. I’m not exactly in denial, it just doesn’t seem real to me.  Nothing about this past week seems real.  But I’m sure I’ll learn how to cope. And hopefully each day it will get easier.

Until then, I’ll walk along the beach, dig my toes in the sand as the sun beats down on my back and talk to my momma.

This is post number 19 of my “30 Days of Blogging” series. Check back tomorrow for more.

I Heart Myrtle Beach

I’m back from the beach after a much-needed family vacation.  We had a superb time on the coast as we made sand castles, floated in the lazy river, and shopped till we dropped. 

Broadway at the Beach

 One thing that is similar about Mr. Incredible and I is that we enjoy doing nothing.  But that’s kinda hard to do when you have three little ones.  If it were up to us, we would’ve stayed in the condo all day, sitting on the balcony watching the waves. But oh no! Monkey #1 and Monkey #2, along with Baby Jack Jack were having none of that.  So every morning, shortly after breakfast, Mr. Incredible and I were hounded to go to the beach or the pool.  Once we loaded up the beach chairs, umbrella, toys, towels, snacks, sun block, hats, BlackBerry, IPhone, ear buds, etc.  off we went to enjoy the sand and sun.  The Monkey’s made their sand castles while Baby Jack Jack ran away from the wind. Yes, he’s afraid of the wind!!! 

 Mr. Incredible and I lounged around, keeping a close eye on the kiddies as we updated our Facebook and twitter pages.  What fun, what fun. Now we’re back to the reality of laundry, vacuuming, bills and work. I need another vacation. And I need one soon! Are you planning a summer vacation with your family?

Baby Jack Jack hiding from the wind

Disney World vs Myrtle Beach

It’s that time of year when families begin to plan their summer vacations.  This is exciting for kids who’ve been cooped up inside due to the winter weather. Plus, the idea of not having to wake up early for school should excite even the most studious child.  Every year since we’ve had children, Mr. Incredible and I have decided on the same vacation spot.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been our choice location for spring breaks and summer vacations.  We load up on swim wear, beach towels, buckets, pails and sun tan lotion to make our 6 hour drive to the South Carolina coast.  It’s a fantastic getaway for our family.  Once there, we follow our 4 day schedule to a “T”: Wake up, eat breakfast, go to the beach for a few hours, return to the hotel to shower and take a nap, awake, go out to eat lunch and spend the remainder of the day sight-seeing.   They love visiting Ripley’s Aquarium, walking around Broadway at the Beach, and eating at Planet Hollywood.

But this year we have made a change. We’ve decided to take our first Disney World vacation.  I was beyond excited when we made our final decision. But now, as the time gets closer and closer to the trip, I’m longing for Myrtle Beach.  I’m thinking about how wonderful it is to wake up while my family is still asleep and sneak down to the beach to watch the sun rise. I’m thinking about how good the sand feels between my toes as I make an unsuccessful attempt at building a sand castle.

I’ve wanted to take the kids to Disney for a long, long time. But I’m not sure if it will be as relaxing as the beach.  I wonder about the long lines- the hours of walking mixed with the inescapable heat from the sun. And the crowds, oh the crowds!

I’m sure for you it’s probably a no brainer. A Disney vacation is alway a winner. But I love the beach. I really love the beach.  What do you think? Where should we go for our family vacation this year?