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Don’t Wanna Be A Panther

So….I don’t wanna be a panther anymore. A few years ago I did everything I could to get into Georgia State University. It was my mission, my goal. I was obsessed. So when they denied my admission to my grad school program I pressed on. I appealed their decision and was finally accepted.

Now, as I near my graduation date I could care less. I have one more semester to go before I get my Master’s degree and I don’t know if it really matters to me. Well, it matters a little because getting my Master’s means that I can finally get OUT of the classroom and move into a big corner office with lots of windows, a Mac computer, and a big comfy couch- well, not really. But at least I’ll be out of the classroom.

I’m not sure if having another degree will make me feel any different that I already feel. It doesn’t particularly matter to me. I don’t really care about a piece of paper that says I’m a little smarter than I was 2 years ago.

This program (Educational Leadership) is not my calling (I don’t think). I’m obviously still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I guess now would be a good time to resume my reading of “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I’ve been stuck on Day 3 for a little over a week now. I guess now’s a good time to crack open the book again and find out what my life’s purpose is because being a part of the public school system is definitely not it.