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Office Romances Suck

There are certain wild and domesticated animals that will pee in certain spots to show ownership. We call it “marking your territory”. I learned about this practice in grade school during science class. But my teacher neglected to tell me that not only do animals mark their territory, but humans do it as well.

The off thing about dating a coworker is that the water can get all muddy and then, aside from dealing with the stresses of a maniacal boss you are now faced with a potentially wild animal- like partner who spends too much time peeing around you as to let the entire office know you are taken.

This is ridiculous. And it is precisely the reason that so many companies have strict policies against dating. Becoming romantically involved with someone makes you lose your mind and get all silly and irrational. And you job is no place for silliness or irrationality.

It sometimes happens that one person will develop stronger feelings that the other. So, God forbid you partner takes issue with you having lunch with a coworker. There they go peeing all around you to mark their territory just in case your lunch companion happens to be a little prettier, or more handsome.

It can turn out to be quite a mess, especially for immature people. So can everyone just keep their zippers fastened and skirt tales down when it comes to coworkers? Office romances suck!