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The Lazy Christian

  • Posted on 9th November 2015,
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  • under faith
The Lazy Christian

God's pathOften times I feel like my life is wasteful. I get caught up in the notion that I’m not pleasing God. It’s difficult to think that there’s some void I’m not filling, some thing I should be doing, some path God wants me on.

A few months ago I began reading The Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren designed the book to be read one chapter per day. But each section of the book is so heavy, so filled with valuable, life-changing information that it takes me weeks to get through one chapter. I have to sit and reread each part. Then spend days meditating on what I’ve learned.

It’s overwhelming to believe that my little self can make such a difference in this massive universe. But there is a plan. And it was thought out long before I was born.

I can’t be a lazy Christian anymore. God can’t be an after thought in my life. My prayer is that I grow and mature in the knowledge of God and become all that he aims for me to be.

Loving my neighbor, serving humanity, showing kindness and patients, sacrificing myself for a greater good.

I believe you, Lord. And I surrender all.

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