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The Lazy Christian

The Lazy Christian

God's pathOften times I feel like my life is wasteful. I get caught up in the notion that I’m not pleasing God. It’s difficult to think that there’s some void I’m not filling, some thing I should be doing, some path God wants me on.

A few months ago I began reading The Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren designed the book to be read one chapter per day. But each section of the book is so heavy, so filled with valuable, life-changing information that it takes me weeks to get through one chapter. I have to sit and reread each part. Then spend days meditating on what I’ve learned.

It’s overwhelming to believe that my little self can make such a difference in this massive universe. But there is a plan. And it was thought out long before I was born.

I can’t be a lazy Christian anymore. God can’t be an after thought in my life. My prayer is that I grow and mature in the knowledge of God and become all that he aims for me to be.

Loving my neighbor, serving humanity, showing kindness and patients, sacrificing myself for a greater good.

I believe you, Lord. And I surrender all.

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Don’t Wanna Be A Panther

So….I don’t wanna be a panther anymore. A few years ago I did everything I could to get into Georgia State University. It was my mission, my goal. I was obsessed. So when they denied my admission to my grad school program I pressed on. I appealed their decision and was finally accepted.

Now, as I near my graduation date I could care less. I have one more semester to go before I get my Master’s degree and I don’t know if it really matters to me. Well, it matters a little because getting my Master’s means that I can finally get OUT of the classroom and move into a big corner office with lots of windows, a Mac computer, and a big comfy couch- well, not really. But at least I’ll be out of the classroom.

I’m not sure if having another degree will make me feel any different that I already feel. It doesn’t particularly matter to me. I don’t really care about a piece of paper that says I’m a little smarter than I was 2 years ago.

This program (Educational Leadership) is not my calling (I don’t think). I’m obviously still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I guess now would be a good time to resume my reading of “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I’ve been stuck on Day 3 for a little over a week now. I guess now’s a good time to crack open the book again and find out what my life’s purpose is because being a part of the public school system is definitely not it.

The Purpose Driven Life

At the suggestion of an old college buddy I began reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life . I’ve heard about this book for years and years. My mom’s church group read it. My mother-in-law read it. I’ve seen numerous interviews and news stories about the book (Including Warren’s interview with my girl, Oprah). And I even remember the pivotal role the book played in the life of a young  Atlanta woman who was being held hostage by convicted murderer, Brian Nichols.

I’m only on Day 1 of the book but I’ve already learned a huge lesson. MY LIFE ISN’T ABOUT ME! This is a hard pill to swallow being that I am one of the most self-centered people you’d ever meet. You don’t think I’m self-centered? Well, I walk around with own name plastered on my t-shirts, I’ve made 75 YouTube videos about MYSELF. On any given day my family is walking on pins and needles wondering if mommy is happy or sad. ell, I even started a blog about what else? ME! So, yeah I guess I’m focused a little too much on myself.

But Day 1 of The Purpose Driven Life talks about the fact that even though we  make choices for our lives we do not dictate our PURPOSE. God created us. Therefore we are subject to his plan for our lives. And our purpose is all a part of God’s eternal plan.

I’ve heard similar things all my life in church. But for some reason it struck a chord with me this time. (It may have something to do with that dumb computer that has crashed on me AGAIN. I won’t bore  you with the details of the temper tantrum I just threw in front of Mr. Incredible.  I’ve upset him. And I’m so sorry caused him grief).

I’m excited about reading this book and very interested in what Mr. Warren has to say about God’s design for our lives. Hopefully, after reading this book I will grow into a kinder, more considerate person.