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Pictures in the Bathroom

What do you do when you’re tired, hungry, hot and sweaty with swollen ankles and sore feet? You take fabulous pictures of yourself in the ladies bathroom. That’s what I did in between takes during the filming of the final episode of Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard.

In the Kellogg Convention center on the campus of Tuskegee University, I snuck into the ladies bathroom to escape the wind that was destroying my hair and the humidity that was ruining my deodorant. I was exhausted, and ready to go home, but we didn’t have nearly enough footage to make one full show, so I had to keep taping.

I knew it would be a long day; therefore, I added a little silliness into my routine just to keep me awake, and entertained. The bathroom was beautiful…for a bathroom. It wasn’t a typical public restroom. The toilet paper was colored and the decor was fabulous. We stayed in there for nearly an hour shooting photos.

But then, reality set in and I realized I had to go back outside and stomp the yard for a few hours more. Tomorrow the episode airs. I hope you like it.

Stomp The Yard

I am very excited to officially announce my latest project. Krystal Grant Stomps The Yard is a 5 part web series that delves into the history, campus, academics, and student life at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This 5 part documentary embraces the important impact that Black colleges have on America and the world. Take a look at the official trailer for my web series below. Click here to get updated information on the webisodes which premiere February 1, 2012.