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Instantly! Book Release Soiree

Congratulations to The Broke Socialite, Shameeka Ayers, on the publication of her new novella, Instantly! How Quickly I Reallized I Hate My Job . The book release party was held last night at The luxurious Ellis Hotel located in downtown Atlanta.

The event was equip with delicious food, fabulous people, beautiful scenery, a heart-felt thank you speech from the author and a fantastic reading of Chapter 3 of the novella. The Broke Socialite spent time with each of her guest and gave everyone a personalized note on the inside cover of their books.

We had a wonderful time. It was an intimate affair and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Be sure to pick up your copy of Instantly! on Amazon.com  and at   Swoosie retailers. You can also check out Shameeka’s blog The Broke Socialite for more information.

Fabulous Footwear

I’ve written several times about my obsessive – compulsive personality. I’m obsessed with Denzel Washington; I’m obsessed with my hair; I’m obsessed with the TV show Good Times; and I’m obsessed with my BlackBerry (which I’ve affectionately named, Bernie). Well, I have another obsession to add to the list. I am now totally, utterly obsessed with Okab shoes.

A few months ago I visited the home of my friend, Shameeka. You all may know her by her alter-ego, The Broke Socialite. At the end of our little soiree she offered us a pair of sandals as a parting gift. We all “ohhed” and “ahhhed” over the absolute cuteness of each and every pair of sandal we saw.

I marveled at the bright designs and precious little bows that appeared on many of  the sandals. I was a little skeptical about wearing them because I have very flat feet coupled with plantar fasciitis so I have to be very careful with my choice of footwear. I slid my foot in a  pair of the Okab shoes and felt very, very comfortable. So, I tried on another pair, and another.

I stopped at the third pair because Shameeka is known for giving me the *side-eye* when I misbehave. So I made sure I didn’t go to far with my selections. With her blessing, I went home with three pairs of Okab sandals and I haven’t taken them off since. I’ve worn these sandals almost every day for over a month. I love them.

They are so very cute and so very comfortable. I get compliments almost every day on my sandals. If you want a pair of these fabulous foot wear items check out their website. I’m sure you will love them as much as I do.

*This is not a sponsored post. I received 3 pairs of Okab from a friend that wanted to share them with me. I am in no way affiliated with Okab shoes.

My lavish! Experience

Today has been a phenomenal day. I had an amazing experience at lavish! an unconference for the social networker. The brainchild of The Broke Socialite, Shameeka Ayers, lavish! “was created as an alternative to the Mommy/Techie/Pundit social media scenes”. I expected nothing less that perfection from Shameeka because we all know that she “don’t do no mess!”

I spent most of the day with my new BFF Bessie Wynn- Afeku. She is hilarious.  Bessie made me squeal with laughter throughout our lunch. We were cuttin’ up so bad I often looked over my shoulder to see of The Broke Socialite was coming at me with her infamous *church pinch*.

The speakers were fantastic.  As usual, Key Influencer, gave us the 411 on bloggers being “content creators”. The workshops were so very informative. I learned so much about monetizing my blog from Jennifer JamesThe Blogrollers  gave us insight on ways to explain social media and blogging to family members who don’t understand exactly what it is we do. And boy did Funkidivagirl, Justice Fergie, and Meridith Ford Goldman start an almost revolution with a bunch of us who don’t wanna be called “mommy bloggers”. I think we are planning to make signs to picket up and down Peachtree Street.

After we concluded our “Mommy Blogger Revolt” I headed over to Jenny Ecclestone and Danika Kombol’s workshop. They gave us the inside scoop on positioning our blogs to attract lifestyle marketers and brands.

I learned so much, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones.  And the best part about this all is….the conference isn’t over yet. Tomorrow I get another dose of The Broke Socialite’s fabulous conference. This is turning out to be and amazing weekend!

A Defining Moment

  High school is such a defining moment in people’s lives. Those memories can leave us with positive, happy emotions or  negative, painful scars.  My high school career, even thought I was a cheerleader and  pageant girl, turned out to be a lonely existence…one met with feelings of isolation and insecurity.

I’ve carried those emotions long past the end of my high school days. And it’s only now that I’m moving into a place of security, confidence and acceptance.  I finally feel like I really belong. I’m a blogger, dammit. And I have friends.

The Blogalicious Conference, just as I knew it would be, was an amazing experience.  My 5 days in Miami were phenomenal and I’m so thankful to the MamaLaw ladies for their dedication and determination to this year’s conference.  

Blogalicious Weekend was way to much fun and fabulousness to wrap up in one post, so check out my YouTube channel for a summary of the events.  But with all the festivities of Blogalicious there was one defining moment that has forever changed my life.  The incomparable Broke Socialite spoke words to me that I can’t forget.  She told me things that were simply shocking and delightful. In a few brief moments, Broke Socialite sent my spirit soaring to new heights and I am so thankful to her and Christie Crowder for showering me with love.

And to top it all off, the moment was captured! Unbeknownst to Professor Diva Mac, she was taking a photo of us at that very moment. I had no idea until I was tagged in the photo on Facebook. So, thanks so much to The Broke Socialite, The Blogrollers, and Professor Diva Mac. You guys were the cherries on top of my Blogalicious Weekend.

Sugar Coma!

Now that my blood sugar levels have returned to normal and I’ve recovered from my self induced coma I can tell you about a fabulous experience I had  last weekend.   I, along with approximately 60 other bloggers, writers and sugar lovers were a part of The Broke Socialite Does…..Sugar Coma.  This was a tour of Atlanta eateries where the participants got to sample the fabulous confections created by some of Atlanta’s best chefs.

Our tour began at the unassuming Le Fais Do Do.  This space was our meeting place.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a restaurant because it can be whatever you imagine: wedding hall, club, party room, diner, etc.  The wonderful owner, Marie, gave us a tour and I was breathtaken by its potential.  No matter what your event, Le Fais Do Do can accomodate. With a fully functioning kitchen and dressing rooms,  Le Fais Do Do can be a wedding hall, banquet room, or dance hall. It’s a definate must see.

After touring the facility we were treated to the best meal I’ve had in a very long time.  The lunch was catered by Black Tie Barbecue . And after a week, I’m still dreaming about the food.  We dined on beautifully cooked chicken, salmon, rice, and bok choi. The meal was absolutely perfect in every way- did I mention the lovely salad with fresh strawberries?  I truly sat at the table thinking about stuffing my entire face into the rice bowl and inhaling every grain.

We were then treated to wrapped cupcakes from Amanda of Love ‘n Cupcakes.  I got a chocolate coconut cupcake! Once I saw the deliciousness that was handed to me I knew it was going to be a long afternoon of pure glutony. We hopped into our Cadillac 2010 SRX’s that were so generously donated and off we were on a world wind adventure all through the streets of Atlanta.  Here are our stops:

West Egg Cafe! Oh my, the fantastic red velvet cup cake I devoured was sinful, truly sinful!

On to Bakeshop where executive chef and owner, Jonathan St. Hilaire, literally gave us pounds of sweets to eat while there AND to take home!

Next it was off to Noon Midtown where I unknowingly had some spiked hot chocolate.  I got a little tipsy, and even won a t-shirt and gift certificate! Thanks, Katie (for the buzz and the prizes).

Our last leg of the tour was  Little Cake Bakery. By this time I felt like a stuffed pig so I was thankful that chef, Kristia, had a  box for each of us packed with goodies to take home.

The afternoon was fabulous and an experience like no other.  The Broke Socialite out did herself and I am anxioulsy awaiting the next TheBroke Socialite Does…….